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Everyone Hates the Cave People
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There's nothing new in the credits: Just like the last episode, we've got King's Landing, Dragonstone, Harrenhal, Winterfell (still on fire), The Wall, and Astapor. In case you're interested, Winterfell has a giant tree sticking out. And judging from the color of its leaves, it's currently autumn. Because, you know, winter. Is coming. Also, Astapor has a giant sphinx on its walls, but I assume it's just a statue. If there were a real hundred-foot sphinx up there, someone probably would have commented on it.

We open in the forest. Some kid with a bow looks around at the trees. Wait, I know that kid! It's Bran Stark! I didn't recognize him at first because he's standing up, which means this is a dream sequence. Also because he's like five inches taller than he was the last time we saw him. Then he turns around and a three-eyed raven narrowly misses him. You'd think that raven would be better at seeing where it's going, what with the extra eye. Bran prepares to shoot it with an arrow, which I think is a bad idea. Shoot the regular birds, not the symbols of prophetic omen. Suddenly, Robb and Theon are standing next to him, They tell him not to think too much. Then they laugh at him when he misses. And the voice of Ned asks which of them was a marksman at ten, which is just a quote from the first episode. I like that element because it's the part that suggests this might just be a regular dream. But it's not, of course because dream sequences on television shows are always important. So it's no surprise when a smirky kid appears and tells Bran, "The Raven is you." I like that this dream contains its own symbolic breakdown. That's the sort of thing that can save you a lot of money in psychoanalysis.

Bran wakes up. He's under a little lean-to out in a field. There are a couple of wolves with him, along with Rickon, Hodor and Osha. Quick refresher: Rickon is Bran's little brother, the youngest Stark. He barely appeared in the first season, and he hasn't really done much since. Hodor is Bran's helper. He carries Bran around because he's strong and all he ever says is "Hodor" because he's either dumb or very into personal branding. And Osha is the spooky wildling woman who helped them escape from Winterfelll. She looks and acts a lot like every Helena Bonham Carter character. Caught up? Good! Osha says it's time to keep moving in case someone's coming after them. Bran says no one even knows they're alive, but that's apparently no reason not to keep running. Osha says The Wall is a long way off.

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