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The credits once again contain King's Landing, Harrenhal, Riverrun, Winterfell, the Wall and Yunkai. My excitement for learning what Yunkai is like has reached a fever pitch! This is its third appearance in the credits and no one's even been there yet. Oh, what wonders must Yunkai hold?

There's an eagle in the sky, which must mean we're checking in on Jon Snow. I like having Orell around because his eagle helps set the scene. Also because Mackenzie Crook has an interesting face. Tormund and the rest of the crew walk through green grass. I guess all the snow was on the other side of the Wall. It's so big that it can hold back the weather! Jon tells Ygritte he thinks they're about a week away from Castle Black, but he's guessing, since he got to use a road last time. Ygritte mocks this, of course: "You and your roads." Now she hates roads? You should try them sometime, sister. They're great! She also mocks the idea of an army that includes men carrying banners or playing drums, considering they can't fight. Jon explains that the drumbeats help the men march in time, and she mocks that too. I'm getting pretty sick of her attitude. Every other sentence is small-minded mockery. And I am aware of the irony involved in pointing that out in the middle of a snarky recap where I'm doing the same thing, so you needn't point it out. Ygritte says that when they hit Castle Black, they won't be banging drums to announce their arrival. Jon reminds her that Mance is going to "light the biggest fire the north has ever seen" to announce their arrival and she tells him he knows nothing. Orell comes up behind Jon and agrees with that sentiment. Jon takes the opportunity to confront Orell about cutting him and Ygritte loose on the climb. Orell points out that Ygritte isn't sulking about it, so Jon should get over it. He explains his thesis to Jon: "People work together when it suits them." And that goes for loving and killing each other, too. Ygritte knows that, but Jon doesn't. So he'll never hold on to her. This seems like wishful thinking on Orell's part, to me.

I'm not sure where Jon and the rest of them are now. They're south of the Wall, unless that was a completely different incredibly tall sheet of ice they climbed last week. But they're still a week from Castle Black, which is supposed be on the Wall itself. So they appear to have climbed over it with the intention of approaching the castle from the south. But then shouldn't they just be walking next to the Wall itself?

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