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Requiem for Ros
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Credits. King's Landing, Harrenhal, Riverrun, Winterfell, the Wall, Yunkai. Same as last week. We haven't seen the real Yunkai yet; just the one on the map.

Samwell Tarly tries to make a fire. Gilly tells him he's got too much wood and explains how to make it work. When Sam takes the giant log out of the fire, it flares up very nicely. That looks cool, but shouldn't they be worried about those Night's Watch men who threatened to come after them? Maybe a blazing campfire isn't the best plan. Sam's not good at building fires because he always had someone building them for him, like in the first episode of Downton Abbey. Gilly is confused at the idea of someone building fires for him. Sam explains that you don't always need fires down south. But they also had servants. Then he says he found something at the Fist of the First Men. It's a crude spearhead, chipped out of some sort of stone. Keep an eye on that thing. Sam promises the Wall is only a few days away. It's "so big, you can't even see the top sometimes." And if that's too poetic a description, he explains that it's 700 feet high. That's a hundred feet higher than the Space Needle, which is a description that probably won't help anyone. Gilly is skeptical of anything being that high, especially all made of ice. Physics agrees with your skepticism, Gilly. Sam talks rapturously of the fire in the Long Hall, which is kept burning all the time. And there's food. And singing! But not by Sam. She tells him to sing her a song. His song starts with, "The Father's face is stern and strong." It also has a verse for the Mother. And probably more, but we go away. It's kind of a nice scene for them. No one's raping or killing anybody, and they're just sitting around a fire singing songs. At this point in the series, I'm pleased when anyone gets a fleeting moment of peace. In fact, I'd be up for thirty seconds per episode being spent on Hot Pie. He doesn't even need to have dialogue; they could just show him baking something. Then get back to the high drama.

Meera and Osha are skinning rabbits. And Osha is not happy with Meera's technique, feeling that her method is far superior to anything any stupid south-of-the-Wall-dweller could manage. Meera thinks she should get extra points for having killed the rabbits, but Osha says she could do just as well if she had a bow. This backfires on her because Meera made her bow herself. Bran tells them they're both very good at skinning rabbits, as he's not very good at subtext yet. The argument does not get defused so easily: Meera says some people would be thankful for rabbits. Not Osha, though -- she takes it to the next level: "You've got a big mouth and too many teeth." Bran tells them to stop fighting and make peace. Osha ignores him. Meera admits that Osha's rabbit-skinning technique is faster than hers, and Osha thanks her for hunting. Meera digs at her a little about how good manners cost nothing, and Osha doesn't appear to be in the mood for it. Wildlings are not big on etiquette.

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