Game of Thrones
The Ghost of Harrenhal

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So Long, Renly
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If you're curious, this episode contains adult content, adult language, and violence. So if anyone makes fun of you for watching a fantasy-themed show, just remind them that two of the key elements contain the word "adult." Then snap your fingers in their face and stride off, ideally with a jaunty bounce in your walk. Maybe whistle the theme song, if you can remember how it goes.

Speaking of the theme song, it plays during the opening credits, which include King's Landing, Harrenhal, Pyke, Winterfell, the Wall, and Qarth. I have two quick observations about that. First, Winterfell and the Wall were in the credits last episode, but there weren't any scenes at either place. So they might be permanent fixtures in the credits. Or maybe they're just going to start throwing in random places, which I strongly endorse. Why not have Milwaukee in there once? And second, when the camera goes from the Wall to Qarth, it passes very close to a giant glowing thing in the sky. I assume that's supposed to be the meteor that everyone was talking about a couple episodes ago, but there's a chance it's just the sun. Unlike the cities, it's not labelled.

We start with a busy camp. There are people running around with torches. Ah, it's Renly's camp. I know that because Catelyn is promising Renly that Robb has no interest in the Iron Throne. Renly thinks this over and declares that he sees no reason for hostility between them. As far as he's concerned, Robb can call himelf "The King in the North" until he's blue in the face as long as he swears the same oath of fealty to Renly that Ned swore to Robert. And in return, Renly will destroy Stannis's army and then Baratheon and Stark will work together. That sounds like most of what Robb wanted, right? Renly seems to consider the negotiations basically over, so Brienne removes his cloak and armor. Catelyn begs him to negotiate a peace with Stannis. Nope! Renly considers Stannis unlikely to negotiate at this point. Besides, he's pretty confident in his giant army. He tells Catelyn, "Please bring my terms to your son. I believe we are natural allies. I hope he feels the same." He thinks that would let them end the war in a fortnight or so.

But just then! A shadow slithers into the room and stabs Renly in the back! Whoops! Brienne shrieks, "No!" Renly falls and the shadow dissipates. I guess it was one of those one-king shadows. Soldiers run in and attack Brienne, thinking she did it. Catelyn tries to tell them it wasn't her, but it's academic, because Brienne is awesome and kills them immediately. It's a good thing this is a big tent, because Brienne is a giant and she's swinging around a two-handed sword.

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