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Who's That Giant Lady?

Enough of them. To Winterfell! Hodor is sent up to Bran's room for his lessons. We see a POV shot going through the castle and at first it seems like its Hodor. But it isn't! I can tell because the shot gets up on the bed and stares at the sleeping Bran. Then Bran wakes up to stare into the wolf's eyes. This gives him the courage to tell Maester Luwin that he dreams of being a wolf. Maester Luwin (the old guy who's advising Bran while he's in charge of Winterfell and also the boy's teacher) is skeptical. Bran insists that he experiences everything the wolves do while he's dreaming. He says that Old Nan had some stories about this sort of thing happening, but Luwin says those are just stories. To hear him tell it, magic is gone from the world. They're just dreams. Bran says his dreams are true. As evidence, he dreamed of his father dying right before it happened. And Rickon had the same dream. Even if you're paying a lot of attention, you may have forgotten that Rickon is the youngest Stark child, who's barely been seen this whole time. Luwin asks about the dreams that didn't come true. Then he rummages through the chains that Maesters wear until he comes up with a link of Valyrian steel. He got it for studying spells. And even though he studied, he failed at magic. "Maybe Magic once was a mighty force in the world. But not anymore. The dragons are gone. The giants are dead. And the children of the forest forgotten." So his evidence is basically that he couldn't do magic, so it doesn't exist.

Enough of Bran. That scene was just there to remind us he exists. It's time for some action! And the second most popular kind of action on this show is two people in armor, walloping each other with some kind of medieval weaponry. The most popular kind is sex, but we'll have that later on. Um. I mean we'll see it. On the show. Not that you and I will be having sex. Well, we might. I mean, it depends on who reads this. And when. Look, my point is that there's a big circle of people watching two people in armor walloping each other. Catelyn Stark is in the crowd, watching. So that means this is Renly Baratheon's army. Sure enough, there's Renly on a throne, accompanied by a woman I do not recognize. She's cheering for Highgarden. One of the people in armor falls on his back and quickly yields when the other pulls a knife. The loser is Ser Loras, the Knight of the Flowers. You might remember him from that sex scene with Renly. With the hilarious sound effects? The winner kneels to Renly and removes his helm I mean -- HER helm. It's a woman! Specifically, she's Brienne of Tarth. Renly offers her anything she wants as a prize and she asks for a place in his Kingsguard. Done! So now she's Brienne of the Kingsguard.

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