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Who's That Giant Lady?

I would now like to take a moment to talk about this scene. Loras has already been established as a mighty warrior. In the first season, he defeated The Mountain, a guy so big and mean he decapitated a horse with one stroke. And he apparently beat Jaime Lannister once. So that means Brienne is set up as really strong. Which is great. But I'm a little uncomfortable with the way the gay knight gets beat up by the woman, which has to be seen as at least a little emasculating. Couldn't Brienne triumph over one of the more butch types? I don't know, maybe it's not a problem. It happened this way in the books, but Loras wasn't overtly shown to be gay there, so it felt different. I just feel bad for him because I don't know if people are going to remember that he's actually quite formidable.

Oh well. Moving on. Catelyn is introduced to Renly as an envoy from Robb. Renly introduces his wife, Margaery of House Tyrell. It's pronounced "Marjorie." But this is a fantasy story, so all the names have to be spelled as weirdly as possible. Catelyn and Renly are polite to each other, especially considering that they aren't exactly allies. Catelyn's here to try to convince Renly to let Robb Stark be "King in the North," at which point they can be allies. Renly's army doesn't appear to have done much actual fighting, but everyone says he's got a hundred thousand soldiers, so he's got the biggest force. Renly promises to make the Lannisters pay for Ned's death. Everyone cheers, but Ser Loras seems uneasy. Catelyn calls Robb "My Lord" instead of "Your Grace," and Brienne yells at her. Also, she'd like Catelyn to be kneeling, since Renly is supposed to be king and all. Catelyn says that her son is fighting a war, "not playing at one." Renly says their war is just beginning. I don't know; it looks to me like he's just having random tournaments. Shouldn't he be out killing Lannisters? Or Starks? Or Baratheons, by which I mean the ones that follow his brother Stannis? My point is that I agree with Catelyn. If Renly's not planning on doing anything with his army, he's no fun at all.

Renly and Catelyn stroll through his very impressive camp, trailed by Brienne. Along the way, we see that Renly takes an interest in his subjects by the way he asks about one guy's foot troubles. Catelyn thinks this is a game to him and tells him that she pities his army: "They are the knights of summer and winter is coming." That's the slogan of the Starks, which is kind of interesting in that Catelyn's here on this mission because she was born a Tully. Renly takes some offense at this (logically, since it was a straight-up insult) and tells Brienne to escort Catelyn to her tent. He does not want Catelyn to come attend him later, because he has to pray. Alone. I feel like "pray" should have sarcasm quotes around it.

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