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A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving

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Thanks, But No Thanks

Previously: Richard likes Yale. Lorelai doesn't like how much Richard likes Yale. Rory "definitely" broke up with Dean. Lane really likes Dave.

We open with Lorelai and Rory watching a video or documentary or something about two Edies in the Kennedy family. I have no idea who these women are. Is it because I'm too young, or because I live under a political rock? I mean, an entire opening teaser centered around two women and a videotape I'm unfamiliar with. I hate it. ["It's a cult-favourite documentary called Grey Gardens. Rufus Wainwright wrote a song about it." -- Wing Chun] Rory bemoans the current sadness that is Little Edie: "She's just trying to sing but her mom won't stop talking." Lorelai says she can't believe these women were related to Jackie. Rory says that the Kennedys hid them away from the public. Lorelai: "Well, when you're a Kennedy, how do you even choose who in the family to hide?" We watch the women on the tape sing and bicker some more. Lorelai says there's something beautiful about the women, how cool and free they are. Rory appreciates how memorable they are, commenting that "most people are forgettable," which is a statement I don't think Rory would ever make. Also, how memorable could these ladies be? Lorelai and Rory giggle and root for the girls until they realize they're about ten years away from being those women themselves. It scares Rory much more than it frightens Lorelai. Then it frightens Lorelai, but still not as much.

Independence Inn. Ooh, when your opening credit is "Guest Starring: Sally Struthers," either you're out of special guests, you're doing an episode with just cast regulars, or you've packed your episode so full of townies and bit players that Sally Struthers has floated to the top of the name-recognition heap. Sookie is on a rampage in her kitchen, because she's having a sub at the Inn for Thanksgiving, for some reason. She's worried that the sub chef will be sub-par and will soil Sookie's name. Lorelai tries to calm Sookie down, but Sookie's too busy bitching at one employee for beating her egg whites too fiercely. Who did Sookie's hair? It's not fair that Lorelai and Rory are always pristine in hairstyles, but Sookie's got this messy part in the back. All three of those ladies are too busy for hair, so if one of them gets to be pretty, all three should get to be pretty. Do they make Melissa McCarthy do her own hair? Because when I wear my hair like that, I pretty much make the same messy part. That's because I don't have a stylist. Michel stands nearby, enjoying himself, sipping coffee as Sookie threatens to kill Bob, her stand-in chef. Sookie starts rooting through the garbage as Michel gleefully notes, "Oh, this can only be good." Lorelai tries to get Sookie to stop pulling celery tops out of the trash. Sookie says she'll stop digging through the trash when her kitchen help stop wasting food. Lorelai makes Sookie drop the celery and pulls her aside. She tells Sookie that she's torturing herself.

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