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A Poolhouse Is Rory's New Home

For this -- the shocking season finale -- I decided to go the extra mile and fly home to my parents' house in Connecticut, to add greater sense of realism to my recap. It just so happened that my brother is graduating from college this weekend, but the real reason I came home was for you guys. Happy end of Season 5!

We pick up slightly after where we left off last week: Lorelai arrives at a police station to pick up her daughter. She's her usual chatty self with the desk officer, allowing us to find out that Rory was arrested and even put in a jail cell, although she didn't have any company there since, the officer says, it was a "slow night." (We later find out that this police station is in Bridgeport, a city where the chances of having a slow night, criminal activity-wise, is extremely unlikely.) Lorelai says that, usually, her daughter is a law-abiding "angel." A Yale-attending, law-abiding angel. By the conclusion of this episode, she'll be neither. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Lorelai asks if Rory is in "the system" now, like how Sipowicz's son almost was in that one episode. Sipowicz was very concerned about that. Should Lorelai also be concerned? The officer doesn't have much to say about that, possibly because he was a Hill Street Blues fan and thought that NYPD Blue was an inferior rip-off. The officer tells Lorelai that Rory will be released with a "promise to appear" in court, and Lorelai says that Rory will certainly keep that promise. She adds that Rory will probably arrive in court before the officer does. "I won't be there," says the officer impatiently. Lorelai decides to go sit down and stop making a fool of herself.

Lorelai shouldn't have worried, as Richie's assy friends Colin and Finn arrive and immediately prove to be far more annoying and silly than Lorelai could ever be. They ask the officer where they can order appetizers, and he tries not to leap over the desk, through the bulletproof glass, and strangle them. They take a seat next to Lorelai and start talking about how awesome Richie is for his boat-stealing stunt. At that point, they realize that Lorelai is Rory's mom and become even more obnoxious. For probably the only time this episode, I'm actually happy when Rory enters the scene, because it means she and Lorelai will leave the station and Colin and Finn. They give Rory a "we're not worthy" bow as she walks by them.

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