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A Tale Of Poes And Fire

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The Tell-Tale Episode

Loreali has set Fred Junior up on the living room couch. The kid's living high on the hog. His name's Fred Junior, so I'm guessing he's the son of Poe One. Lorelai makes him stop calling her "ma'am," because it makes her feel old. Fred Senior walks down the stairs and says they're out of toothpaste. But I'm not sure he's Poe One. I can't tell without the get-up, and I'm too busy laughing at the fact that he's been forced to wear one of Kirk's "babette ate oatmeal!" shirts. I can't believe Kirk hasn't made one about the fire that everyone's wearing instead. Lorelai tells him where the toothpaste is located. He says this is kind of fun. He gives a thumbs-up to Fred, Jr. as Lorelai says it's fun having everyone over.

Lorelai finds Rory in her room, making her bed for the guests. Rory says she now feels weird having strangers in her bed. Lorelai says she's pretty sure they're tired and won't want to have sex. Rory groans, because she wasn't even thinking about them having sex before. Lorelai says that's all she would have thought of. Rory says she's thinking about it now. Lorelai snoops through Rory's things, asking if she's all packed for Lane's. She finds Rory's Pro and Con list, which has changed a bit since the last time they talked. "Yale," Lorelai says. "Yale." Rory tells her to stop saying "Yale." Lorelai points out that it has double the pros than Harvard and triple over "dirty, filthy Princeton." Rory says she's not done collecting her data. Lorelai says it looks like she has. Rory is conflicted, because she's always said she was going to Harvard, and her mom didn't want her going to Yale since Richard did, and her wall's always been decorated in Harvard stuff. Lorelai says that Luke was right, and she shouldn't keep making a list. Rory says that Luke pointed out it was Harvard regardless of a list. Lorelai says that now she doesn't think it has to be Harvard, even though she was the one who said no to Yale. I love how Lorelai isn't pointing out the obvious here, which is that she wants Rory to stay in Stars Hollow and Rory wants to stay in Stars Hollow. Why don't they even discuss it? Lorelai tells Rory that what's right for her is what's right for both of them. Rory says she doesn't want Lorelai to hate the place she's going. "Never," Lorelai says. The Freds enter here, and ask if they're interrupting something. Lorelai tells them to fall right to sleep with no funny stuff, embarrassing Rory. Yeah, I think that's the first Poe, but without all the dark makeup. Wait. It's the couple from the inn who said they weren't Trekkies.

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Gilmore Girls




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