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The Tell-Tale Episode

Back in the kitchen, Lorelai asks Rory where Jess is tonight. He's working, which I think are weird hours for a Wal-Mart. Are they twenty-four hours? Rory says that Jess is saving up for a new car, since the one he's got keeps stalling. It's better than the one she's got, which is invisible since Jess totaled it. I'm still pissed off about that. Lorelai asks if Jess is down to part-time at school and getting work credit. Rory says he's working full-time. Lorelai wonders how Jess can do all of that. Rory leaves and the doorbell rings.

It's the Hallistads. Instead of going home, they came back, because Lorelai made spending the night seem like so much fun. It appears that everyone in Stars Hollow, even visitors, have an inflated sense of entitlement. Lorelai shows them to their room, which is her room, which gives her no room. Poor Mrs. Hallistad hasn't had a line yet.

Rory and Lane are fixing two beds in what I think is the antique shop. Rory asks who's staying in Lane's room. It's the second Poe and his wife. Rory hopes that they're very, very tired. Rory's phone rings. It's Lorelai, saying she's a nomad, a wanderer, too sad for even a Hank Williams song. She's wandering the streets of Stars Hollow. She fills Rory in on what just happened. Rory tells Lorelai to go sleep at Luke's. "He'll make me eat a veggie burger!" she whines. Rory tells her to get moving to Luke's. Instead of calling Luke, Lorelai decides to scream his name and throw rocks at his window, waking up the elderly woman (who has the unfortunate name of Mrs. Slutsky [is that the oldest woman in Stars Hollow?]) who lives next to Luke. After Lorelai screams a few lines from Ed Wood and recaps once again what happened, Luke says he's coming down to get Lorelai.

Lane's room. Lane's on the phone with Jung Chu, who has recently broken up with his girlfriend. Lane tells him she can't tell him a joke tonight because she told him one last night and she needs time to come up with a new one. She excuses herself off the phone. I can't believe Lane's getting to be on the phone at such a late hour. She tells him she'll call him tomorrow to tell him how her math test went. She hangs up. Rory can't believe that Jung Chu and his girlfriend have broken up. Lane says that the girl was "too WASP-y" anyway. Rory asks if Lane and Jung Chu are broken up yet. Lane says they're not, and MamaLane still thinks that they're the perfect Korean couple. They were supposed to have broken up by now so that Lane can date Dave, but Jung Chu thinks that it's not the right time to break up yet. Eventually Rory gets Lane to see that Jung Chu's clearly in love with her and has no plans to break up their fake relationship because he wants to be her boyfriend. Lane moans, saying she already has a boyfriend and she needs Jung Chu to break up with her so she can date Dave with her mother's permission. Lane's totally going to marry Jung Chu.

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