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A Tale Of Poes And Fire

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The Tell-Tale Episode

There's a knock on the window. It's Jess. Who knows how he knew, but he knew and he's there, totally putting Lane in trouble by standing in front of the Kim house. "Bizarro day, huh?" he asks. "Wouldn't want to repeat it," Rory says. Jess asks about the inn, so Rory can tell us that it was probably an electrical fire, and not something caused by Kirk. Rory tries to hide her pajama-clad chest (her cherry pajamas, thank you very much, shout-out costume staff) and rocks back and forth. Jess asks if something's the matter. Rory asks if he's going to school full-time. Jess asks where she got such a question. Rory admits that Lorelai asked her, and Jess gets all pissed off because Lorelai's always up in his business. "What else does she think I did? Start the fire? Put Phil Spector up to it?" You know, I hadn't thought of him being the one who started the fire, but now that he mentions it…Rory says that she told Lorelai he was going to school. "Well, as they say on The Family Feud, good answer." Asshole. I can understand him being an asshole to other people, but he really shouldn't take that tone with Rory. Rory asks if she lied to her mom when she told her that he was going to school. Jess says he's got everything covered. Rory offers to help him with his schoolwork if he's falling behind. He says everything's fine. He asks her to come out with him. MamaLane walks in. "What's this?" she asks. Lane instantly covers, saying that Jess was just leaving, but he came by to borrow something. Lane hands Rory a bronzed globe. She hands it to Jess, who can't play along to save -- literally -- Lane's life. "Thank you!" he says. He asks MamaLane if she's holding a baseball bat. "Cricket," she says. Jess walks off and MamaLane runs over to the window and locks it shut.

Lorelai and Luke are bickering about how to fix the sheets for the bed Lorelai will sleep in. Lorelai likes to tuck both sides in and then scootch into the bed so she's trapped inside the sheets like she's in a straitjacket. "Oh, you must feel right at home in there," he says. Lorelai mumbles that she set him up for that one. Luke walks back to the couch. Lorelai says she feels guilty about him sleeping on the couch and not his bed. Luke tells her she can't change her mind now after guilting him into taking the couch. Lorelai says she's not even tired, and is strangely exhilarated, proud of how she handled the situation today. The phone rings. It's Nicole. Luke tells her he's good, fills her in on the fire, and says it's been a crazy day. He asks how her "thing" was today, and makes plans to talk to her tomorrow. After he hangs up, Lorelai "Meddler" Gilmore asks why he didn't mention she was staying the night. Luke says it didn't really come up. After some chitchat, he admits that Lorelai's a bit of a sore point with Nicole, since on their first date, all Luke ended up doing was talking about Lorelai. Now Nicole really doesn't like Lorelai, since Luke clearly has a thing for her. Lorelai scolds Luke for talking about another woman on a first date, saying he shouldn't talk about any woman, that no other woman exists, including a mother or a sister. I can't believe Luke's serving coffee this late at night. Luke looks pretty awesome in his thermal shirt and no hat. Lorelai tells him to abide by the dating rules and customs. She asks him to set the alarm for "super-early" tomorrow -- six. Luke says he gets up every morning at quarter to five. Lorelai and I both shudder with horror. Lorelai tells Luke she's got a sudden déjà vu from Luke setting the alarm clock. She tells him about the dream she had that opened our third season, where Lorelai was woken up by eighteen alarm clocks, came downstairs to the kitchen where Luke was making coffee, and let him kiss her stomach and discuss their twins. Luke asks if the twins were his. "What am I, dream tramp?" Lorelai asks. "Of course yours." Luke: "We were married?" Lorelai: "Uh, yeah. Did I not mention that?" Luke: "No." Weird moment of silence. Luke tells Lorelai that she shouldn't drink coffee when she's pregnant, and that's probably why Rory is such a caffeine addict. "Right. You're right." Luke asks if the dream went beyond that. Lorelai says that it didn't, stopping herself before she tells him that they kissed. He tells her good night. She does the same.

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Gilmore Girls




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