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A Tale Of Poes And Fire

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The Tell-Tale Episode

Skipping the potentially awesome scene where Jess discovers Lorelai in Luke's bed, we cut to the middle of the night, when Jess and Luke are snoring so loudly that Lorelai wakes up. She tries to cover her ears with pillows. She gets up, but we don't see where she goes or what happens. Okay. What a weird way to end that scene.

The next morning, Rory points out that Sookie and Luke are getting along. Lorelai says it's a grudging respect sort of thing, but as we watch them talk to each other, planning the menu for the day, they seem to be genuinely getting along. Jess comes downstairs, off to school. Luke, Lorelai, and Rory give him untrusting looks. Luke asks why he's off to class so early. Jess says he's got a lab project. Luke tells him to have a good day. "I have no choice," he says. He gives Rory a "hey," a kiss, and a "talk to you later." Lorelai breaks the rules and answers her cell phone inside the diner. Sure, why not? You've already changed all the other daily rules about the place. As she answers the phone, she tells Rory that her boyfriend snores. "Didn't need to know that," Rory says. Yes, you do, prude. It's the fire chief on the phone, telling her that she can come down to the inn. Lorelai professes her love for the gentleman, and then tells everyone in the diner that they can come and get their things soon. Fred the First Poe gives Lorelai a present on behalf of the group -- it's the stuffed raven. "Oh, wow," Lorelai says. "Wow" is the new "cherry/amazing" this episode. Lorelai, unable to ever fake gratitude, says it's the nicest fake bird she's ever gotten. She thanks Fred, but the second Poe pipes up and reminds Lorelai that it's from all of them. Lorelai thanks the Poe Society and then asks Sookie for help. Sookie barks some orders at Luke and then runs off with Lorelai. Rory says she needs to go change for school. She didn't bring her Chilton uniform to Lane's?

Michel and the fire chief are already standing at the door to the inn when Sookie and Lorelai arrive. Lorelai is so excited about getting back inside the inn. She tells Michel she wants to get all of the guests' stuff into the lobby and organize them. She wants Sookie to get into the kitchen and make the guests something for dinner. The fire chief stops Lorelai here, and tells her to take things a little more slowly. She's going to want to once she sees the damage inside her inn. Again, where's the owner?

Lorelai, Sookie, and Michel walk into the inn. For a place that was on fire, it seems to have suffered very little water damage. But the rest of the place is covered in soot and ash. The chandelier is on the ground. There are tarps all over the place, for some reason. One weird police tape is strung between the doorjambs. I understand they were just trying to make it "look" like it had been through a fire, but this looks like a dinner theatre set. They took everything off the (still perfectly painted) walls. Lorelai, Sookie, and the La-La closing credit song girl are trying hard to pull at our heartstrings, though, so I'll just go with it.

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