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The Tell-Tale Episode

Meanwhile, Rory walks home through the kitchen door, absolutely nothing in her hands. Did she leave her stuff at Lane's? Doesn't she have a purse? School books? She walks into her room and sees that the entire place has been decorated in Yale stuff. No more Harvard on her walls. It's Yale, Yale, Yale. There's even a cutout of Rory's head wearing a Yale sweatshirt.

Lorelai and Sookie are very sad at the burnt inn.

Rory stares at the Yale Pro/Con list tacked to the wall. She turns around, looks at the wall of her room that has no decorations, and smiles proudly.

Lorelai looks down and sees that Papaya is completely safe, just a little bit of soot on her precious paws. One clean tail. Lorelai picks up Papaya.

One of Kirk's t-shirts rests on Rory's bed: "rory's going to yale!" Now. Was this the work of Lorelai? If so, when did she have time? How did Kirk make a shirt so quickly? Someone emailed to say that Jess did it, and that was his "lab." If that was the case, Jess not only somehow has a key to their house, he did all of that in about ten minutes. So, I'm assuming that somehow Lorelai got home early in the morning during all of the Luke sleepover stuff, woke up the Poes, and had time to buy out the neighborhood Yale store. Fine. I'll go with it, anyway. Rory sits on her bed and smiles.

Michel, Sookie, Lorelai, and Papaya survey the damage to the inn. Now there's water dripping from the ceiling. As the episode fades out, Jessica asks, "Now what's going to happen?" I tell her that Sookie and Lorelai have been wanting to open an inn, and probably the owner will now sell this place to Lorelai and they'll fix it up together, maybe opening up the inn for Paris and Rory (and Louisa and Fraulein) to live in when they go to Yale, and it'll be a regular Facts of Life in here. "That inn was ugly anyway," Jessica says. "You put that in your recap. Uh-glee." I look at her. "It had blue walls and that ugly floor and that shitty furniture," she says. "It was ugly." "I can't believe you thought Miss Patty was a man," I say to her. "I can't believe your show sponsors Wal-Mart," she scoffs, and leaves the room.

Next week, the lovely Kim will be subbing for me as Lorelai turns thirty-five.

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