Gilmore Girls
A Tale Of Poes And Fire

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The Tell-Tale Episode

Independence Inn. After a quick game of Marco/Polo, Lorelai finds Sookie on the floor of her kitchen. Sookie has taken a liking to the stray cat that lives in the inn. Um, is there a health inspector around? Because that can't be a good thing, can it? Anyway, Sookie has named the cat Papaya, and can't seem to get Papaya to eat anything, so she's on her hands and knees pretending to eat from Papaya's bowl in order to encourage the cat to try the food. Lorelai warns Sookie not to get too close to Papaya, because one day the cat will wander off and Sookie will be sad. Sookie says she can't help it; now that she's pregnant, she's become nurturing toward all living things. "Jackson, too," she says. Yesterday Jackson moved a table that accidentally nicked this spider on the floor, and nicked one of the spider legs right off, which was sad and made them both so depressed. So Jackson made a prosthetic leg for the spider out of a paper clip, but "jamming the clip into the spider killed it instantly." They had named the spider Sachmo, after Jackson's uncle. Sookie gets the idea to wear ears to encourage Papaya. She holds triangular sponges behind her ears and tells Papaya to watch Mama eat from the bowl. Lorelai pouts and shakes her head before walking away.

In the crowded lobby, Lorelai finds Michel and asks if this is everyone from the Edgar Allen Poe society. I should mention here again that two weeks ago I had a double Gilmore sighting day. At lunch I saw Taylor eating with a group of friends (one being Frank from ER), and at dinner I saw Michel. He walked into the pizza joint I was in, and since he was about three feet from me and he looked so familiar, my first instinct was to think that he was one of my friends or acquaintances, so I smiled at him. By the way, this strange instinct of mine to immediately assume I know the person standing in front of me, forgetting I live in Los Angeles, where people from the talkies and the tee-vee walk around like real-life humans, has also happened when I saw people from Mr. Show, Jake Gyllanhaal, Ashton Kutcher, Mira Sorvino, and the guy from Murphy Brown. Anyway, poor Michel, who doesn't know me from the guy from Murphy Brown, had the nice-person, good-mannered instinct to smile back before his face melted in uncomfortable confusion. Then I went back to staring at my friends, hoping he doesn't remember also bumping into me at a Rite-Aid about a year ago. And then I remember that not everybody in the world reads these recaps, and even if they did, my picture is nowhere to be found on this website, so even though I know way too much about them, they know absolutely nothing about me, which is why they still haven't offered to let me write an episode. So, where was I? Not talking about myself? Sorry.

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