Gilmore Girls
A Tale Of Poes And Fire

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The Tell-Tale Episode

Lorelai now starts hissing across the aisle, distracting Luke and his girlfriend…lawyerlady, whose name I can't remember after two months have passed…and asking if they have a pen. This lady really has some nerve, huh? Watch the damn recitation, Lor. Luke asks how long the poem is going to be. Lorelai says there are at least five "nevermores" to go. Luke says he doesn't have a pen. Lorelai asks where he keeps the pen he uses to take orders. Luke says he wasn't anticipating taking orders tonight at the Poe recitation. "There goes your Boy Scout badge," Lorelai says. Rory pulls on Lorelai's shoulder and points out how the recitation has stopped because Pissy Poe is now staring pointedly at Loose Lips Lorelai. Rory hopes he doesn't put a curse on them. Lorelai says she'll be happier when he goes back to being Fred Larson, Tampa dentist. "Hey, Lorelai," lawyerlady says off-camera. She says it like the next line is going to be, "Shut your fucking trap, and let us watch the show," but instead she hands Lorelai a pen. Nicole. Her name's Nicole. "You're an angel," Lorelai says. "Thanks." Daniel Palladino doesn't know this, I guess, but women only say that to each other when we don't mean it. "I'll need it back," Nicole says, crossing her arms. "Hmm," Rory says. "Looks like Nicole's got a little Lindsay attitude going on." Uh, both of those women could probably hear you, Rory. Might want to take the volume down a notch. Miss Patty leans in and asks how many "nevermores" are left. Lorelai guesses four. "Is that a man?" Jessica asks me, and I can't stop laughing for five whole minutes. Miss Patty complains about having to suffer along with Poe's suffering. Rory notes that she put Yale Drama down for a Pro. Miss Patty complains that Rory's wasting her time with those lists, since everybody knows she's just going to go to Harvard. Rory and Lorelai say she'll only go to Harvard if the list says she'll go to Harvard. Miss Patty reminds Rory that when she was six and took a cheerleading class, she wouldn't cheer for any other school than Harvard. Take it from a girl who decided she was going to Harvard when she was seven: you can end up at the University of Texas at Austin.

The Poe winds up his final "nevermore," and everyone applauds. The other Poe stands and begins quietly arguing with the first Poe. Miss Patty leans in to give the girls the "scoop." It seems the Poes were a bit confused, and both of them came to the reading prepared to recite "The Raven." The solution? The Maggie Gyllenhaal-ish lady announces that the "rare treat" for the evening will be the opportunity to compare and contrast two different renditions of "The Raven." The second Poe with the same poem doesn't receive as warm a welcome. Lorelai asks if they should bolt. She bemoans the fact that she didn't bring her flask so they could play the "nevermore" drinking game. The girls decide that Poe's own work is what drove him to the bottle. Lorelai and Nicole share a snotty look. Did Lorelai give Nicole her pen back? Rory and Lindsay share a snotty look. Rory and Lorelai agree that there's a very weird "Poe" vibe in the room as we fade to commercial. Dude. How long was that scene?

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Gilmore Girls




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