Gilmore Girls
A Tale Of Poes And Fire

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The Tell-Tale Episode

Kirk asks the second Poe how he can have a career as a Poe. The Poe says that this isn't really his career, just an event he does. He writes technical manuals for a living. Kirk: "Yes, but how can I have a career as a Poe?"

It's five in the morning and Lorelai is in bed, sleeping. Rory walks in, carrying the cordless phone. She gets into bed and tells Lorelai to wake up. She says it's Tobin at the inn and something's wrong. The fire alarm is going off. Lorelai tells Rory to tell Tobin that the stupid alarm is always doing that, and if he doesn't smell smoke to turn it off and tell him he's fired and she's going to kick his ass around the lobby for waking her up. "He sounds freaked," Rory says, almost asleep, not really caring that clearly the inn is on fire. Lorelai takes the phone, and in four seconds she hangs up and tells Rory to get dressed. She gets out of bed. Lorelai wears $125 shirts to sleep.

Cut to the inn, where fire trucks and firemen do their thing. We don't see the fire, but we see the people wandering around. It's an overhead shot that finds Sookie and Michel standing in front of the guests. Oddly, hardly anyone is in pajamas or half-dressed. Lorelai storms up and asks the firemen what's going on. The chief asks her to wait a minute, as he's working on putting out the fire. Lorelai turns to Sookie and Michel and asks if everyone's out of the inn. They say yes. Lorelai remembers that Julio doesn't start until six, but he sometimes comes to work early because his sister-in-law gives him a ride on her way to work. Julio is standing right behind Lorelai. She runs over to him and holds him and calls him a bunch of compliments. The chief (Chief Baker) walks back to Lorelai, who for some reason isn't a pile of sobbing misery, begging other people to take care of this horrible problem. He says the fire is almost out, the structure's stable, and she can probably get back into the inn in twenty-four hours. Lorelai promises an eighty-foot statue erected in his honor. She turns back to Sookie and Michel and puts them to work instantly. She says they need food, computers with internet, and phones. "Michel, I need you on this stat. Hurry, hurry!" Michel wanders off-camera, where he will somehow make these things magically appear.

Lorelai turns to Rory and asks her to keep the children of the guests happy and entertained so the parents can have a little peace of mind. Rory says she doesn't really know anything about entertaining kids. Lorelai tells her to take her socks off and do a puppet show. Rory: "You've clearly never entertained kids either." Lorelai says it was all she could think of. She sends Rory off. Shouldn't Lorelai call the owner of the inn and have her come down to take care of things or assess the damage? Lorelai calls out to the guests, and tells them that they can't get into the inn for their things for at least a day, but if they want to go home immediately, she'll put them on a plane, train, or bus and ship their belongings to them as soon as they're allowed back inside. Otherwise they will provide everything they need, starting with the best breakfast of their lives. She sends Sookie to the market for breakfast supplies. Sookie leaves. I guess Sookie will be able to carry food for fifty in her arms. Lorelai finds Michel on his cell phone and asks whom he's talking to. "The Cheshire Cat Inn," he answers. Lorelai sighs in relief and walks past him. Michel: "Yes, my name is Michel Gerard. I used to work at Independence Inn. I was wondering if there were any positions available." Lorelai takes the phone out of his hand and hangs up. Michel says he's off to find phones and computers.

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