Gilmore Girls
A Tale Of Poes And Fire

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The Tell-Tale Episode

Now here's a stunning display of Lorelai's audacity. Luke's diner door opens, and in storms Sookie, Lorelai, grocery bags, and everybody from the inn. It seems that Lorelai is going to take over Luke's diner and feed her guests from his kitchen, not offering to give him a cent of profit. Not only that, she shouts out to the diner that anyone who would rather have Sookie's breakfast for free instead of the greasy filth Luke's serving for a price will be treated to her free breakfast. Lorelai dares Luke to kick her out, serving up her sob story in front of a group of people. Luke, of course, can't say no for many, many reasons, and lets Sookie back in his kitchen. Sookie offers Caesar twenty bucks for helping her out instead of doing his own cooking, working for Luke. Luke goes upstairs, as his own moneymaking diner is pretty much closed for the rest of the day. Amazing. Oh, and Luke said "Your Inn?!" which sounds like "Urine?!" which pleases the seven-year-old in me. Luke also learns here that Sookie's pregnant. Lorelai's bitchy crack: "Could you be any farther behind?" Sookie shouts for all of Luke's food to be dumped in the trash. "I don't wanna see it!" she shouts.

Rory's lost in a sock puppet show as four kids watch her. I wonder if all of this is leading up to Rory going to Yale and deciding to be a drama major instead of a news correspondent. Rory sees Lorelai and tells the kids she'll be back in a second. But it's said so awkwardly that I'm guessing it was some kind of improvised line. Alexis always seems so uncomfortable with filler dialogue. One of the kids begs her to keep doing her crap puppet show. Rory says, "Oh, calm down there, little Scooter, I'll be right back." Another uncomfortable line. Rory runs over to Lorelai and says the kids are riveted, but she sucks as a puppeteer. She keeps repeating the storyline. Lorelai says it's working. Scooter begs Rory to come back. Rory wonders why a lame sock puppet show isn't boring them to tears. Lorelai says it's Rory's narrative skills. Rory says she has to get to school eventually. Lorelai talks to the kids like they're unable to understand a single word she says. She tells them to go over to the diner and have breakfast with their parents. "And then ask the nice man in the baseball hat and the flannel shirt to do sock puppets for you! And if he says no just ask him louder! It's part of the game!" They force the poor Scooter kid to shout, "Oh, boy!" as he runs toward the diner. Leaving the blankets on the grass, Lorelai tells Rory to check in at Miss Patty's with her.

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