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A Tale Of Poes And Fire

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The Tell-Tale Episode

I love this scene. The new front desk is Miss Patty's studio, where Michel, Babette, and Miss Patty have made a mock workspace, with a computer, phone, and some official-looking books. "I love computers," Babette warbles, "I just know nothing about them. What does pushing that F3 button do?" Michel: "Annoy me to no end." Hee. "What about the F4?" The phone rings. Miss Patty answers: "Hello, this is the Independence Inn Emergency Headquarters. I'm Miss Patty. I'll be assisting you today. How many I help you? The printer will be here in half an hour. I'll let him know. Thank you. Goodbye." Michel immediately says, "I heard. And you have got to shorten your greeting." He tells her not to recite the Gettysburg Address every time she answers the phone. Miss Patty says she was Ricardo Montalban's assistant for six months and he never complained. Michel: "Who?" Miss Patty: "Don't make me hit you."

Lorelai and Rory walk in. Michel tells her that they've got a computer with internet, the phones forwarded, and a printer on the way. Miss Patty says she's the receptionist. Babette says she's learning the computer. Michel: "And I'm looking for my cyanide capsule. Have you seen it?" Lorelai thanks them for helping. She says that half the Poe group needs to stay another night, so they have to find places for all of those Poes to sleep. Michel says that every place is booked. Lorelai says they'll have to take people in. Miss Patty offers to house a couple. "I can too," Babette says. "We got cots. Ooo-hoo-hoo, we got cots." Michel, however, won't do it. "The Poes are weird. I'd fear being killed in my sleep. Plus I don't like strangers using my toilet." Babette offers the Kims, Taylor, and Al for putting other people up. Lorelai says they could take in a couple, too. Rory offers up her room. There's an argument about whether or not Lorelai should lose her bed, but Rory wins. Babette: "Hey, Michel!" Cue hysterical "help me" look from Michel as Babette continues. "I just hit F4 and the…num…lock key and the one with the little apple on it and it's FREAKING OUT like it's on acid or something." Best Babette line ever. The phone rings. Miss Patty answers: "Yeah?" Michel tells her to say more than that. Miss Patty tells him to make up his mind. Rory says she's got to go to school, but tells Lorelai to page her if there's any news. Lorelai asks if Rory means if Michel kills Babette and then Patty and then himself in a bizarre murder-murder-suicide pact. "Among other things." Lorelai pulls Rory in for a hug as she sighs. She holds her for a second and then sighs again. "We had a fire," she says. "I know," Rory says. Lorelai pouts and lets go of Rory, who walks off to school as Patty hands Lorelai the phone.

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Gilmore Girls




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