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Luke is serving breakfast at the diner and tells Lane (who I am so glad to see has not disappeared from the Earth) that they're getting backed up. "Done in a sec," she says, leaning over some papers. Lorelai comes in, and Luke tells her that, sadly, there is no bacon today, since he has had to fire his meat guy. "How could you fire Pepperpot?" she gasps. "He's so cute, and his mother has that skin condition they can't diagnose." Luke says that the guy never brings what the diner orders. "But he's so sweet," Lorelai says. "And his father has that foot-grafting operation next month." Luke says he can't keep a guy on just because of all his family needs. "I know," Lorelai laments, "but he tells those funny little limericks. And his sisters were just surgically separated two weeks ago!" She suddenly realizes that Kirk, next to her at the counter, is sniffing her shoulder. He asks her if she just ate a Three Musketeers bar. She says no, and he tells her she really smells like nougat. These are the jokes, people. "Stop sniffing my fiancée," says Luke, and Kirk shakes his head, saying that he can't help it; his senses are more finely tuned these days due to his all-juice diet: "I want to get the healthy glow of someone who consistently goes to the gym," he says, "without actually going to the gym, of course." From what we've seen of Kirk's torso, a few visits to the gym might do us all some good. Luke tries to rush away, casting another look at Lane and snarking that he is busy since he's the only one working today, but Lorelai stops him to remind him of the journalism panel she's attending today at Yale; she wants him to know that Christopher will be there. See how she's following Luke's rule about sharing everything and keeping no secrets? Remember Luke's rule? That he totally broke like a rule-making, rule-breaking ass? Right. Anyway, Lorelai says that Chris is just trying to make good, for Rory's sake. Luke says he's fine with it (of course he is), and goes to get her pancakes.

Lane comes over, finally done with the thing she was working on. It's a psychedelic flyer of her playing drums -- she's trying to get a new band together. Lorelai says it's awesome: "Very 'White Rabbit.'" Lane scrunches her nose. "I photograph so Asian," she says. Lorelai stutters, saying she thinks Ming-Na has that same problem. Cute. I have really missed Lane. I will come to regret that later in this recap. Lane says that she just has to get back in a band. She's climbing the walls with no rehearsals or shows: "You go from having band practice every day, and seeing certain people every day, and then suddenly you're not." Lorelai nods: "You mean Zach." Lane tries to cover for herself, saying that she also means Brian and Gil, but it doesn't work. Lorelai changes the subject, saying she likes all the shiny pens Lane used on the flyer. "They're Luke's daughter's, actually," Lane says. "She left them here last week and I snagged them." Poor Lorelai immediately looks uncomfortable, and now it's her turn to try to cover. Lane says that April comes in and studies or draws: "We even play some games when things get slow. She kicks my ass at Scrabble." Lorelai laughs and looks wistful. She says she used to play board games with Rory a lot: "She'd get very upset when I'd cheat. So cute." Lane says it's hard to cheat with April because she spends the first twenty minutes reading the rules manual. "Rory was obsessed with Battleship," Lorelai kind of desperately jumps in. "I always thought she was going to join the Navy when she grew up." Lane nods: "Well, there's still time."

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