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Rory arrives at her old place and knocks on the door. From behind the door, we hear Paris telling "everyone" to get their bowls and chopsticks out. She opens the door to find Rory, and is disappointed, saying she thought Rory was the Chinese food delivery guy. She grudgingly lets Rory in, revealing that she's really alone: "I ordered food for ten, and I didn't want the delivery guy to think I'm a hog." Rory says she kind of ran into Doyle earlier, and Paris asks if that's why she came over. "Well...yes," Rory says, caught off-guard. Paris rushes to her, saying she's a really great friend for coming over to make sure Paris is okay. Rory can't keep up the ruse: "In the name of full disclosure, I should tell you, Logan and I broke up, too. Today. I'm moving out." Paris asks why they broke up. "He cheated on me," Rory says, "with an entire wedding party." Paris is genuinely, in her way, sympathetic. "Nice," she says. "Men suck." They agree on that point. "They let you down," Paris says, "and then you walk around with a stomach ache for the next six months." Rory asks if that's how long the stomach ache really lasts. "I don't know," Paris says. "I hope it's only six months." She says that Rory can stay with her, and can even take Paris's room, since Paris has been sleeping at her craft table lately. I love Paris. "Hey, I just realized," she adds. "When the food arrives now, I can really ask someone to get the bowls." Rory smiles and nods. It's a silver lining.

Lorelai is in bed reading when Rory makes the call. "How was the wedding?" Lorelai asks. "Sucko," Rory shrugs. "I've got a new address for you."

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