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Luke comes back, seeing Lane chatting away. "Hey, Lane," he deadpans, "how 'bout a raise." Grumpy, but funny. Why are they continuing to torture us with Lorelai's angst over being left out of Luke's relationship with April? How stupid is it that April has apparently met everyone else in town, except Lorelai? Are we supposed to think Lorelai's hands-off approach to the whole thing is noble? Even now? It's been months! I can only assume that this is building up to a world-class nuts-kicking meltdown where Lorelai finally loses it, which will piss me off twice as much. Why can't she just ask to meet April? Or, why can't Luke act right for half a second and introduce them? I hate this shit. If Lauren Graham has to make one more "nanosecond of mournful/millisecond of resigned acceptance" look that only we in the audience seem to notice, her face is gonna freeze that way.

At the paper, Rory -- wearing possibly the most ill-conceived ensemble of the season: a red buttondown with a shrug pulled as tight as Saran Wrap -- is telling one of her staffers to cut down her story: "Simplify your prose. You'll still get your point across, and I won't have to publish a newspaper the size of a David Foster Wallace novel." Moving on, she goes to none other than Paris, who apparently is still working at the paper. Rory tries to give her some notes, but nervously realizes that Paris is not looking at her in the eye. Rory gets frustrated, leaves the notes, and stomps off before anyone can even tell her to shut up. She runs into the heretofore elusive Doyle and gestures back to Paris: "Well, that was unpleasant." Doyle: "Try sleeping with her." Rory says she'll take his word for it. Doyle explains how bad it is: "Last night, she decided it would be fun to watch Saw II at 3 in the morning." Rory asks how he's handling it all. "I believe the psychological term for it," he says, giving Rory some advice she could use, "is 'keeping my mouth shut.'" Rory says she doesn't know what to do with Paris: "She's one of the best reporters we have, but she has really gone way beyond her normal level of nuts." Doyle cringes, saying that Paris will calm down in time. Rory has a brain wave: maybe she should turn Paris's current story on campus safety into a series, to help Paris to rebound faster. Doyle waffles, asking if Rory would do that for any other staff member who was behaving the way Paris is. He says that Paris's funk is just something she needs to get out of on her own. Rory says that he's probably right, and Doyle rushes off, saying he's going to try to sneak home and get some sleep before Paris comes back, wanting to play the jazz trumpet: "Yeah. She bought a trumpet!"

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