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Previously on Gilmore Girls: Lorelai talked Luke into painting his diner. Lorelai lost Rory's chick in the house and called Luke to help her out. Sookie told Lorelai that she obviously likes Luke. So did Emily. Christopher rolled in on his motorcycle, completely throwing off Lorelai. Rory asked Christopher to stay with them for a few days.

Here's another thing that I like about this show. The episode begins with Rory preparing the couch for Christopher, and both she and Lorelai are still wearing the same clothes from the end of the last episode. The costume continuity: good. The timeline continuity: eh. ["Yeah, but that doesn't bother me so much. It's not like it's Ed, where entire court cases get started, go to trial, and get to a verdict within the span of, like, two days." -- Wing Chun] Rory asks Lorelai whether she thinks Christopher looks good. Lorelai agrees that he does. Rory hopes that she can get Christopher to stay for a couple of weeks. Lorelai says that Rory's on the right track, weighing him down with tons of blankets to keep him there. Rory insists that she just wants Christopher to be comfortable. Lorelai says that Christopher is going to come and go as he pleases, "and no amount of bedding is going to change that." Rory notes that Christopher hasn't ever come to Stars Hollow before, so something must be different. Lorelai sighs and tells Rory just to enjoy the time she has. Rory agrees, but insists that something must be different.

Christopher comes down the stairs, complaining about the water pressure in the shower and pledging to fix it the next day. Lorelai asks him to not play with her pipes. Rory says that food is on the way, and Lorelai hands Christopher a cup of coffee. Rory asks how "Diane" is doing. Christopher says that Diane is "ancient history." Rory squints and reminds him that when she met Diane at Easter, Christopher had said she could be The One. "The One to be gone by Memorial Day," Christopher jokes as he sits beside Lorelai. Rory says he's worse than Lorelai. "Low blow!" Lorelai shouts. Christopher: "Can't keep a feller happy?" Lorelai: "Oh, I keep 'em happy. I keep 'em very happy." Rory: "Okay, Mom. Don't get gross." Rory says she's going to go study until the food arrives. Christopher is shocked and says that tomorrow is Saturday. Man, I don't understand these weeks. Monday, Friday, Tuesday, Friday, Friday, Friday, Saturday. At the end of the last episode (which is supposed to be today), Luke and Lorelai made plans for Friday night. They didn't say "tonight," but "Friday night." And, it was just Friday night because Lorelai and Rory were at Emily's. Now it's Friday again. Rory tells Christopher that she likes to get all of her weekend studying out of the way early so she can do extra-credit stuff on Sunday.

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