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Let me say this up front: I am exhausted. I don't normally recap at night, and this week I've been working in a writing room for a comedy pilot, answering questions like, "What's funnier: purple or brown?" My husband has just poured me a glass of wine, and he's making dinner. I'm going to eat a few pierogi, drink this glass of wine, enjoy a salad, and then spend the rest of my night with you, walking you through the ninety-ninth episode of Gilmore Girls. How weird is it that some of you have been here from the beginning, when I was a single girl who just moved to Los Angeles from Austin, living with a roommate and only two cats, when I was unemployed and cleaning a woman's house for money under the table, hoping someone would take a chance and give me a job? Thanks for sticking around. I can't believe there have been almost one hundred episodes of this show. Next week I'll be out of town, so my good friend Al Lowe will be filling in. Y'all be nice to her; she's good people. Anyway, it's very late, and I've got to recap this tonight and can't really go to sleep until it's finished, and I have work in the morning, so to keep myself awake I'm going to upload some albums to my iPod while I recap. Come journey through my CD collection as I take you along the latest episode. (Madonna: The Immaculate Collection.)

Lorelai enters Luke's bed area from the closet/bathroom. "Hey, you built me a shelf," she observes. Note the lack of the word "thanks." Luke says he had to, since he kept accidentally using her toothpaste. He tells her that toothpaste shouldn't taste like cinnamon. I totally agree. ["Ooooh, Glark and my sister will fight you. But I agree too; that cinnamon toothpaste is like brushing your teeth with Hot Tamales." -- Wing Chun] When Lorelai asks what toothpaste should taste like, he answers, "Striped." He's been hanging out with Lorelai too long.

Luke notes that he's "exhausted." Me too, Luke. Lorelai jumps in bed and says she's exhilarated. Between the plaid on Lorelai's "Luke" shirt, the plaid of the sheets, and the plaid of the mattress, I feel like this entire scene has been brought to you by graph paper. Graph paper: something you use for only six months out of your entire high-school experience/life. (Madonna: Something To Remember.) Luke and Lorelai are going to bed early because Luke has to get up at 4 in order to do something with that pesky job he's always going to. Lorelai seems to think this whole "going to bed early" thing is cute. Luke knows that Lorelai is doing him a favor, and is mostly just patronizing him by jumping into bed with him before primetime is over, anyway.

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