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Dear Emily And Richard

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Flashback Scenes, Yea or Nay?

Well, they can't all be winners, can they?

Previously: Lorelai and Christopher had a baby named Lorelai, who grew up to be Rory. Luke met a lady. Christopher's having another baby with another lady who's not his wife.

We open at Emily and Richard's. Lorelai and Emily are bickering, wondering which aunt hiked up her skirt in front of the Town and Country photographer one Christmas. Richard is tuning the two women out. Rory shows up late from Chilton; Richard is suddenly all ears. Rory hands Lorelai two books that she just picked up. They're travel books for the vacation Lorelai and Rory are taking to Europe after Rory graduates. You know, the trip we just recently started hearing about -- the trip that's not Rory's lifelong goal to go to Fez? Richard and Emily are horrified that Lorelai and Rory are going to backpack through Europe and stay in youth hostels. Actually, at first they assume Lorelai and Rory are kidding, so they giggle and smirk, offering to join them with their tents and cutoffs. Emily can't imagine why the girls would want to traipse around Europe with their possessions strapped to their backs. Richard forbids it, saying it's unsafe. He tells them to call his travel agent. Rory whines that they want to be spontaneous -- to jump trains to Paris and head off to Spain. Cue the Rain-in-Spain joke. Richard says they can travel aimlessly but stay in a nice hotel. Lorelai says they want to do it cheap. Emily offers to pay for the trip. Lorelai refuses. Rory says it's going to be fine. Lorelai reminds them that kids do this all the time. Emily reminds Lorelai that Lorelai is not a kid (news to all of us, I know), but a grown woman. She asks what people will think when they see a grown woman bunking down with a bunch of twenty-year-olds. Lorelai says that if the twenty-year-olds are cute, they'll think: "Lucky." Rory promises that it's going to be great. Emily reads a page from the book, which raves about the lessons learned in being a refugee without the luxuries of a bed. Lorelai promises that it'll be fine. Emily says that on her first trip to Paris, she stayed at the Ritz. Lorelai promises to eat out of the Ritz's dumpster. Richard and Emily mug, mug, mug and we fade to opening credits.

Doose's Renovations. The foreman's name is Tom, and CuteDean's giving him a helping hand. The foreman tells CuteDean to pick up the food order, and to remember to pick up the pickles. Miss Patty stops him, however, with a "Dean-o, Dean-o, Dean-o." She jokes that if he gets any taller, she'll have to get some mountain-climbing equipment. It appears that Miss Patty recently had a battle with a pair of curtains and decided to wear the spoils of victory. CuteDean tells Miss Patty that she's getting dangerous to walk near. Gosh, since Rory walked away all the single women of Stars Hollow are climbing over each other to flirt with CuteDean, huh? Can't blame them. CuteDean asks if Miss Patty's looking for Taylor. Miss Patty says she's not, she's "just lookin'." CuteDean understands and leaves with an "Enjoy." Miss Patty promises that she always does. She watches a passing construction worker and makes a noise of pure glee.

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