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Flashback Scenes, Yea or Nay?

Rory holds empty paper cups and tries to make us think there's coffee in them. Lorelai meets her and informs her that Sherry is now jogging in place, hoping to "aerobicize the thing outta there." Rory says that can't be good for the baby. Lorelai says it's not going to be any worse than the guilt trip it's going to get for showing up a week early. Rory reminds Lorelai that "it" is a girl. She tells Lorelai that Christopher's phone is out of range and she can't reach him. Lorelai frets, because she's going to have to go into the delivery room if he doesn't show up in time. Rory asks if they should buy a camera so they can take pictures for Christopher in case he misses it. Lorelai says "no" a few times. Rory says she just thought it would be nice. Tension's over as Christopher runs into the hospital asking, "Is it over? Did I miss it?" Maybe you could have called sometime in the last couple of hours, Out of Range, and found out. Christopher babbles some nonsense and then runs in to see Sherry.

Sherry tells the nurse that this is her Christopher, right in front of his daughter and his ex-girlfriend. Sherry's immediately wheeled to the delivery room. The nurse asks if he's going with her. "Try and stop me," he says. Sherry pants and pants and pants. They pass Rory and Lorelai without a single thank-you or goodbye.

Flashback. Borelai is in labor, whining in the hospital as she's being wheeled to the delivery room. She asks the nurse if she can punch her or hurt her really badly. Richard and Emily show up, furious that Borelai just ran off to have her baby, only leaving them a note; "Dear Mom and Dad, I'm in labor. See you later. Lorelai." Richard says he feels ridiculous, and complains that he wore the wrong shoes for this. Whatever that means. Emily says that you don't leave your house when you're having a baby without telling your mother. Emily says she has a right to drive her sixteen-year-old daughter to the hospital to have her baby. The nurse, for reasons I don't understand, won't let Emily into the delivery room. Richard pulls Emily away. As Borelai's pulled away, Emily promises that they are not done discussing this. Richard and Emily sit and Richard babies his sore feet, apparently unfazed by the fact that a baby's coming.

In the present, Rory and Lorelai decide to wait around for the baby to come. We get a pretty nice shot of Lorelai's butt as she walks down the hall. What? Like you weren't looking?

Luke's. Jess asks Kirk how long he's going to sit at the counter. Kirk admits that it's boring at home and his television is broken. Jess tells him to read a book. Kirk asks for a suggestion. Jess suggests Moby Dick. "That's about the whale," Kirk says. "Yes," Jess says. "No," Kirk says. Luke arrives with Nicole, telling some story about his dad and some cheese. "Oh, God. I love cheese," Nicole says like she's bored off her ass. But she's not, I guess, and they had a great time. They sit for coffee. Jess brings over a couple of mugs. Nicole says she hated the restaurant, but loved the company. Luke agrees. And they called it...Grumpy Lo-oooo-ove! Jess says he's going to go out for about an hour. Luke says it's 11:30. Jess says he knows, and that he's going to go out for about an hour. Wink, wink. This continues for quite some time, Jess saying he'll go for a walk or just out for about an hour, unless Luke needs more time. Luke takes Jess outside for a silent argument that involves whacking Jess on the side of the head as Kirk informs Nicole that Jess and Luke have a great communication between the two of them. Luke and Jess come back into the diner. Jess says he's going upstairs, and tells Nicole he tried.

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