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Flashback Scenes, Yea or Nay?

Hospital. Rory's asleep on the couch. Christopher enters and tells Lorelai it's all over. "Are you a daddy?" Lorelai asks him. He doesn't give the right answer, which is that he's already been one for almost eighteen years. They leave to go see the baby, leaving Rory -- the one related to the baby -- asleep in a strange hospital, all by herself.

Lorelai asks Christopher how it went. He goes on and on and on about how amazing it is and what a miracle it is and how incredible it is and then realizes that she probably knows all of this, since she did it once all by herself when he was not around at all. But I guess he wasn't around because she didn't invite him. I don't know why he never mentions Rory, or compares the experience. They turn to see the baby through the window. Christopher says that Georgia is perfect. Lorelai -- who can't be gracious for a second -- tells Christopher that Rory was perfect, and that this baby will have to be a close second. Let's hope Lorelai never has another child. GG Trivia fans: Georgia was born on January 31, 2003 at 1:17 AM. Christopher says he can't believe this. Lorelai says Georgia's beautiful and congratulates him. He thanks her for everything. Pan down the row of babies...

...into a flashback! Rory of the past was born October 4, 1984, it appears, which is most confusing indeed. Seven pounds, eight ounces. Pan up to Borelai and Christophake standing at the window. Christophake says that baby Rory is pretty. Borelai says that she's perfect. So why didn't either of them mention just a second ago that this is the second time they've stood there staring at a baby? Why is Christopher so insensitive to Rory's and Lorelai's feelings about how he's been a shitty dad from day one? Christophake says they should get married. Borelai stares into space.

In the present, Christopher asks if he should wake Rory. Lorelai nods, saying she'd like to see this. Christopher kisses Lorelai on the side of the head and walks away, unaware of how anyone must be feeling about all of this. Lorelai stares at the baby. We don't get to find out how Rory feels about all of this, because it's all about Lorelai.

Emily's. The doorbell rings. She shouts to Leilani that she'll answer the door if she tries to find out where that smell is coming from. It's Lorelai, who's bought Emily a DVD player and some of her favorite movies -- all musicals. Lorelai says she'll figure out how to hook it up. Emily worries that they should get a professional to hook it up. Lorelai asks for a second to read the manual. Emily says she doesn't understand why Lorelai bought this for her. She looks down and sees the first DVD. "I love this movie," she coos.

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