Gilmore Girls
Dear Emily And Richard

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Flashback Scenes, Yea or Nay?

Flashback. Emily and Richard are leaving for some event, their arms wrapped around each other. Emily shouts upstairs that they're leaving home, bye, bye. Emily comments that Lorelai put the stroller away, and that it's the first time in a year she hasn't tripped over that thing. Emily shouts up to Lorelai again as Richard bumbles around looking for his scarf. Emily finds a note. As Richard complains about the event he has to go to, and work, work, work. Emily picks up the letter that's lying there. She breaks down and cries to her husband...

Lorelai picks up the DVD player and heads upstairs, determined to set it up. Emily follows her, clucking and picking, worrying and fussing. Lorelai sings "In Your Easter Bonnet." The strummy-strummy-la-la music takes over as the camera pans over to the portrait of Richard, Emily, and really young Lorelai.

Next week Rory and Jess make out. Emily meets Jess. She's unimpressed.

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Gilmore Girls




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