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Flashback Scenes, Yea or Nay?

Luke's. Jess asks a bunch of times to see what Luke is reading. Eventually, he steals the book from Luke's hand, something we all know Jess is quite good at. Watch it Luke -- that kid'll scribble notes in your margins before you can blink. Anyway, Luke's reading a restaurant guide because he's got a hot date with Nicole. Jess teases Luke for having a date. Luke says that Nicole is a nice lady who probably expects a really nice restaurant with sparse but elegant décor. Jess tells Luke that he's pathetic when he's in love. Luke says he's not in love; he's dating, and this is what people do when they're dating. Jess says he doesn't do all of this for Rory, and Luke lies, calling Rory a lucky girl. Luke excuses himself to go upstairs, and Jess promises that if a horse-drawn carriage arrives, his "throwing-up will be eternal."

CuteDean arrives and walks to the counter, telling Jess he has to place an order. Jess tells him to talk into the clown. "I am," CuteDean says. There's no way Jess would have set him up for such an easy shot. CuteDean reads the order: "Six burgers. Three with cheese -- two cheddar, one Swiss. Two plain, one with chili, cheese and onions on the side." Jess has yet to put pen to paper, so CuteDean asks Jess if he's remembering all of this. Jess says that CuteDean is placing an order for all of Connecticut. CuteDean says it's for the construction workers next door. "Oh, you're Taylor's errand boy now," Jess realizes. "And you're Taylor's waitress," CuteDean zings. It's 2-0. "Say that a little closer," Jess says. "I thought you had a girlfriend," CuteDean sasses back. Remember when their conversations were exactly like this, but the character names over the lines were switched? Jess asks for the order. CuteDean repeats: "Six burgers. Three with cheese -- two cheddar, one Swiss. Two plain, one with chili, cheese and onions on the side. Three ham on rye - one mayo, one mustard, one combo." CuteDean starts to tell Jess what a combo is, but Jess already knows. CuteDean apologizes, and says that the confused look on Jess's face must be there all the time. A wordy dis, and a total miss. Yes, I promise to let you know if they ever decide to stop this scene about a lengthy order of food. No, I don't know why we have to watch it. "Four hot dogs. Two egg salads on white. One chicken salad on wheat. A chef's salad with ranch. Five fries. Five onion rings. Two chips. Extra pickles." Jess asks what the extra pickles are on. This confuses CuteDean, and there is much discussion about where the extra pickles go. Jess wonders if they go on the side of the burgers, on the side of the sandwiches, or on the side of the road, where he's planning on ditching CuteDean's body. Lengthy, and ineffective. CuteDean then asks Jess to read the order back, which causes another discussion about whether or not Jess needs to read the order back. CuteDean reminds Jess that these are men who work for Taylor, which means they'll keep sending the order back until it's right, which could take the rest of Jess's short life. Jess starts: "Six burgers. Three with cheese -- two cheddar, one Swiss." CuteDean interrupts and asks Jess to go more slowly so that he can check each item off as Jess says it. Jess shakes his head, and slowly continues with the order. CuteDean happily scribbles into the notepad. End of really long scene about a food order. Whatcha doin'? Fishin'?

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