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Flashback Scenes, Yea or Nay?

Okay, this is a big setup for no payoff, so I'm not going to dwell on it. I'm not sure why we even have this scene here except maybe the prop department had some extra things they thought would be fun. Independence Inn. Lorelai's on the phone, saying she just wants the person on the phone to be happy with his or her party. "No problem," she says, and hangs up. She walks over to Michel and says that "Ridgemont called." She's walking nervously. "No," Michel says. Lorelai tells him that Ridgemont, whoever that is, is changing his mind about the theme for his retirement party again. Michel begins to pout and whine. Lorelai says he needs to call the florist. Michel tells us that this is the fourth theme Ridgemont has picked. He had a fishing one, and a Kentucky Derby one, and a Tibet one with Richard Gere pictures everywhere. "I know!" Lorelai says, which obviously she would. Michel says that Ridgemont promised that golf would be the last theme. Lorelai says he thinks golf is dull and doesn't want to be remembered as dull. Michel says he can help make Ridgemont be remembered as limping.

Lorelai walks into the banquet hall, which is completely decorated in a golf theme. When's the party, in an hour? Lorelai says, "Hey, guys?" Her gigantic team of party planners and decorators moan and groan, pulling golf clubs out of the ceiling. Lorelai apologizes and moves on through the hotel. Michel walks beside her with his new idea for a theme: Ridgemont's impending death. Lorelai takes a bucket of golf balls out of Lane's lap. "He changed his mind," she says to Lane, who is suddenly working at the Inn on what must be a school day. "Again," Lane says, and walks out of the lobby of the hotel. Lorelai hands baskets and baskets of golf balls to a caterer, who passes by gigantic golf-ball statues. All this time, Michel has been explaining how they can bury Ridgemont alive and beat him with shovels. Michel asks what the new theme is. "He's calling me back at 4," Lorelai says. When's that? What day is it? What will everyone do with all of the decorations? Where's the joke? Who's Ridgemont? Why is Lane there?

Rory runs in with golf flags, and realizes that good ol' Ridgemont must have changed his mind again. Lane says that our friend Ridgemont is worse than her mother at the Glory of Easter t-shirt stand. Lane runs off to God knows where. Lorelai asks if Rory kept the receipt and then whines that this party is going to be the death of her. "Or someone," Michel says. Lorelai again tells him to call the florist. Rory: "You're stressed." Lorelai: "You're observant." Pamie: "You're stalling." Rory sits with Lorelai on the couch, saying she has something that'll cheer Lorelai up. It's an invitation to Sherry Teasdale's C-Section. "Friday, February 7th. 6 PM. Join the girls for a toast, a hug, a wave to the mommy as they wheel her off. Dinner at Sushi Sushi. An then back to the hospital for a formal viewing of brand-new baby Georgia. R.S.V.P. at your earliest convenience. P.S. -- gifts are not necessary, but appreciated." Lorelai says she doesn't know where to start. Rory lets Lorelai keep the invitation, but tells her not to lose it, since Rory needs the phone number. Rory says she kind of wants to see Georgia, since she's sort of her sister. "She's more than sort of your sister," Lorelai reminds her. Rory says she thinks it'll be cool to meet her on the night that she's born. Rory decides to go, since Lorelai tells her to. Lorelai suddenly remembers to end this endless scene, so she walks to the kitchen, and opens the door. Sookie has just finished the final icing bubble on a gigantic golf ball cake. Sookie gets the news and flips the cake into the garbage, wasting even more dollars of the Independence Inn's money.

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