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Flashback Scenes, Yea or Nay?

Rory gets a cell-phone call. It's Maureen, one of Sherry's annoying friends, who is very busy at work but had to call Rory to tell her that Sherry is now in labor. Sherry screwed up, and went ahead and went into labor a full week before her scheduled C-section. She asks if Rory can reschedule school to come down to the hospital. "She completely screwed up, but she's still our Sherry," Maureen says. She's not Rory's Sherry. Rory tells Maureen that she's actually done with school for the day and that she can take a train into Boston. Maureen says that would be the best and tells Rory she's a great kid. Maureen hangs up and Rory just walks right out of the classroom without a word to Paris. Walking out of a Paris-held Yearbook meeting? Rory just signed her own expulsion papers.

Flashback! Emily's house. Emily has long red hair. She's setting up for Borelai's coming-out photograph. Emily tells the Flock of Seagulls photographer that she's just going to go upstairs and fetch the ever-tardy Borelai.

Upstairs, Borelai can no longer fit into her gown because she's pregnant, but I guess she doesn't understand why it won't fit. Borelai's room is filled with scary dolls. Where's the gigantic dollhouse? Emily barges into the room and tries to zip the dress. She freaks out, saying the dress is too small. She says they had the dress fitted three months ago. Three months pregnant and Borelai doesn't know it yet? Emily asks Borelai if she's gained weight. Borelai rolls her eyes and says no. There is much pulling and yanking of the zipper. Emily decides they can't have her picture taken with that dress. I don't see why; it's not a 360 shot. But Emily says the dressmaker will have to fix the dress and they'll reschedule. As Emily turns to leave, she tells Borelai to put on her sweats and run around the block so she'll fit in the next dress no matter what. Borelai turns back to the mirror and stares at herself, somehow realizing at just this moment that she must be pregnant. And how does she realize this? A whimper, a moan...a look to the left...a look to the right...another moan...a shoulder shrug...a sigh...a pout...a guilty expression on her face as she suddenly realizes that unprotected, boozy sex might make a baby!

Luke's. The flashback is thankfully over. Lorelai is babbling that she has five minutes to drink as much coffee as she can before she has to spend the evening alone with Emily in Hartford. She then realizes that the world isn't listening to her every syllable like it normally does, so she asks whom she's talking to. Kirk's in the room and says he's listening. Lorelai asks Kirk seven questions without a pause for an answer. Luke walks out, but I don't recognize him at first because he's not wearing his baseball hat and he's dressed up. Lorelai starts ordering, not even bothering to notice for five seconds what he's wearing. Then she asks why he shaved and dressed up. He pours her a cup of coffee, and she finally tells him that he looks nice. Nicole shows up at this point, and Lorelai realizes that Luke has a date. Just as Luke and Nicole are about to leave, Nicole gets a cell-phone call. In the one moment this episode that makes me honestly laugh, Nicole takes her phone call while, behind her, Lorelai and Luke are in a silent fight about how nobody's allowed to be on a cell phone inside Luke's diner. Luke has to physically restrain Lorelai from yanking the phone out of Nicole's hand. Luke and Nicole leave.

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