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Flashback Scenes, Yea or Nay?

Whoa, we slipped into a flashback! The wall, it's a time portal! Emily, Richard, Straub, and Francine are debating the futures of their newly pregnant children. It would have been nice to see the moment when Borelai and Christophake discussed her being pregnant, or the moment that they told their parents, but instead we get this discussion of how Borelai must be a slut to allow this to happen, and how she should be sent somewhere, or Borelai and Christophake should get rid of it. Finally Richard puts his foot down (and his dye on) and announces that the kids will get married and live in the Gilmore mansion, and Christophake will work for him. Richard excuses himself to go back to work. Straub wonders why Christophake has to work at Richard's company. The camera pans up to Borelai and Christophake, who are listening at the top of the stairs. Borelai is whining and pouting that they aren't being asked what they want. Christophake thinks that living in the phat pad with the cush job might not be so bad after all. Lorelai says they're supposed to go to Europe. Christophake realizes that he now has to get a job and make money, but Borelai's not done screaming and whining the word "no." Christophake's all, "It's okay. Really." Borelai just rolls her eyes again, ready to leave the first of many men at the altar.

Back in the present, Sherry has put Rory to work, making phone calls late on a Friday night, rescheduling all kinds of things that Sherry needs done from her dayplanner. No Palm Pilot? I find that hard to believe. ["Also, you are totally not allowed to use cell phones in hospitals." -- Wing Chun] As Rory prepares to reschedule a guy named Sheldon, Sherry warns her, "Don't tell him I'm pregnant. He hates pregnancy." I actually haven't heard anything so offensive since my mom told me what it was like trying to get a job when she was my age. And then they made a law so that people couldn't do that. The nurse comes in and asks how "we" are doing. ["And doesn't tell Rory to turn off that damn cell phone? Bullshit." -- Wing Chun] Sherry has yet to have a contraction, so I'm wondering if she's really in labor at all. The nurse needs to know who's going to be in the delivery room while Sherry has the baby. Sherry says that her "fiancé" is on his way. I'm surprised that she just doesn't call him her husband, what with her baby shame and all. The nurse asks who will go in if Christopher doesn't get there before the baby comes. This confuses Sherry, of course, and she says they'll just have to wait for him. The nurse explains that it'll be tough to wait for Christopher once the baby wants to arrive. Sherry says it'll have to be Rory. She's not old enough to be allowed in the delivery room, is she? Rory, of course, says she'll do it, and the nurse leaves to fetch her a gown and gloves. Sherry is pleased. Rory excuses herself for a cup of coffee. Sherry offers to make the next few calls herself.

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