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Flashback Scenes, Yea or Nay?

Out in the hallway, Rory phones her mother. She might as well light up a cigarette and start a small fire while she's out there, since she's breaking all of the other hospital rules. She interrupts Emily's dinner and wails that they're giving her gloves. Rory quickly explains what's happening, how nobody likes Sherry, and how she's going to have to deliver the baby when her usually absent father doesn't show up on time yet again. Rory complains about the hospital smell, the noises, and how the gowns don't cover the back. She whines that she's seen a lot of butts today. Lorelai tells her to calm down. Rory begins to whine, "I need you" over and over again -- the sweet, sweet lullaby to Lorelai's ego. "I need my mommy," Rory stomps. Lorelai says she's on her way. How far is it to Boston from Hartford? Doesn't it take a couple of hours? Lorelai tells Rory to tell Sherry to keep her legs crossed until she gets there. Rory asks if that really works. Lorelai says it doesn't. Lorelai gets up from Emily's table without offering an explanation and says she has to go, adding, "Dinner was...great." Oh...thanks. Emily has to ask what's happening, so Lorelai explains. Emily is amazed: "You're going to be with Rory's father's girlfriend while she has his baby?" On the next Maury. Emily goes on about how Sherry is a wretched homewrecker and doesn't deserve anyone to be there while she gives birth to Rory's sister. "Half-sister," Emily corrects me. Lorelai thanks Emily and leaves. Emily stands at the door, mouth agape.

Flashback. Borelai eats a sandwich and watches Quincy. The contractions begin. "Ow?" she asks.

Cut to County Flashback Hospital. A nurse asks Borelai if she's alone. Borelai says she is and they say someone will come get her soon. Borelai puts on her Walkman and listens to Nena's "99 Luftballoons." Slow pan back as Borelai watches the hospital move around her.

Missing the opportunity to have "99 Luftballoons" be the elevator Muzak as Lorelai teleports into the hospital, Rory runs right up to Lorelai. Rory is searching for a fax machine, as Sherry needs to have some progress reports sent at 11 on a Friday night that she promised people they would have by tomorrow. Lorelai puts a stop to the late-night work, and enters Sherry's room.

Sherry is sitting on her feet. She's on the phone, promising someone an immediate fax. Lorelai tells Sherry to hang up. She takes the phone and tells someone that Sherry will have to call him back. Sherry keeps on panting and whining, complaining that she was working. Lorelai tells Sherry that she shouldn't be working right now. Sherry pants and pants, saying she can't stop her whole life just because she's... "Having a baby," Lorelai finishes. "Admitting it is the first step." Sherry says she's not ready. She had it all planned. "Christopher was supposed to be here," Sherry says. "I know," Lorelai says, familiar with those six words Sherry just said. Lorelai asks Sherry why she's sitting on her feet. Sherry says that Maureen told her that Howard Stern said if you squat, it makes the baby come out faster. Lorelai: "Okay. As long as you have a sane reason from a reliable source." Lorelai tells Sherry that it's scary and it hurts like hell and it's probably good not to look directly at the baby right away, or she'll think she gave birth to phlegm. Sherry hopes she has a baby as great as Rory is. Sherry admits that she can no longer feel her feet. Rory and Sherry lead the panting Sherry back into her hospital bed. Sherry gives us a quick flash of her panties as she gets tucked in. Panting, panting, panting. Commercial.

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