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This will be a bit of an experiment. This recap is falling on the first day of my period. Oh, don't wince. Come on, this is a really girly show, and I think that perhaps all of our periods are going to start happening at the same time from this show, anyway. There's a lot of estrogen around here, is all I'm saying. But it's making me incredibly crabby and cynical and lots of other emotions that I don't normally have, and I'm wondering what that'll do to a Gilmore Girls recap. I'm thinking my tolerance for long-winded discussions that boil down to three-word questions is going to be much lower than usual. I also think that I won't want to recap rapid-fire dialogue that ends in a wistful lip-pursing from Lorelai. See? I'm already judging and I haven't started. That's it. I'm ordering a chocolate shake.

Previously on Gilmore Girls: Luke and Lorelai flirted. Emily asked Luke what was going on between him and Lorelai, and said that they're idiots for thinking they're just friends. Lane felt neglected with CuteDean in Rory's life. Going into the Way-Back Machine, we see Jackson arguing with Sookie over strawberries. Then they argue about a "zucchini tush." Back, back to the Thanksgiving episode, Lane confessed that she's been talking to CuteDean's best friend Todd. Lorelai accidentally snapped at Sookie for not having had a relationship in a while. Sookie got up enough courage to ask Jackson if he'd like to go out to dinner sometime. Jackson stammered an "Okay."

Exterior shot of Gilmore home. The alarm rings. Rory walks out her door and shouts, "Mom!" The music kicks in. Lorelai moves the coffee pot over to fill her cup. Rory starts making Pop Tarts (possible Popstars shout-out?). Rory pulls her cup of coffee out from the maker and puts the pot back in. Lorelai grabs a paper towel in time for the World's Fastest Toaster to finish the Pop Tarts. Rory grabs a Pop Tart, picks up her backpack, and walks over to Lorelai. Lorelai grabs Rory's mug so Rory can tie the front of Lorelai's shirt. Rory grabs her mug back and Lorelai pulls the clip out of Rory's hair and gives her a "you weren't going to wear this, right?" look. Lorelai tosses the clip, the music hits the last note, and the girls walk out the door.

Opening credits. Oh, Gilmore Girls. Thank you so much for that. The first scene in this show's history that didn't palsy my fingers from transcribing.

Lane dumps a pile of CDs onto Rory's table. From here I can see the Meat Puppets and the Best of Blondie. Rory says, "Wow. You went new CD crazy." Lane says there was a good selection today. Rory starts going through the CDs, pointing out Kraftwerk and the Meat Puppets. She stops on Yoko Ono. "A very misunderstood artist and the Beatles would have broken up anyway," Lane says. "Have you shared this theory with anyone else?" Rory asks. "I know it. Yoko knows it. Sean knows it. Julian's still in denial, but what can you do?" I think, perhaps, Julian is still in denial because Yoko and Sean are still making LennonBucks, where poor Julian is hoping Kodak might be interested in using "It's Much Too Late (For Goodbyes)" for an upcoming commercial. Rory opens a CD, declaring that with a name like Claudine Longet, she must find out what it sounds like. Rory puts the CD in and Lane asks for a favor. She asks Rory if she remembers Todd, CuteDean's friend. Rory says she does. Lane goes on about how cool Todd is. She then says that she's ready to ask Rory the next question, but she's interrupted by Lorelai. Because the last scene was so easy to recap, Lorelai has to bust out with this: "Hey! I'm studying in there. Yeah, I have, like, six thousand pages of case studies to memorize and this whole big test on the Wal-Mart phenomenon coming up on Friday, [so turn the music down] and because I have a life, and a job [so turn the music down], and Business School's not only thing I have to concentrate on, I'm behind [so turn the music down], and I'll probably fail, and then that little eighteen-year-old annoying gnat that sits behind me [so turn the music down] will get another A, and make that 'I'm smart. You're dumb' face to me for the rest of the week [so turn the music down] and I'll be very upset and will possibly cry." Rory: "The music's too loud." Lorelai: "Yes." Rory: "Got it." Lorelai: "Thank you." I don't know if it's a good sign that, after that exchange, the people in the room watching with me started complimenting not Lauren Graham's acting ability, but how good she is at memorization. Lorelai leaves the room, and Lane asks Rory if she'll talk to CuteDean about talking to Todd about talking about her. Lane asks Rory if she'll ask CuteDean to ask Todd out for her. Lane says she'd like this date to be this weekend, preferably Sunday, after church. Rory begins to stammer her objections, but Lorelai walks back in and complains that the music is now too quiet. Rory turns the music up and Lane turns back to talk, but Lorelai walks back into the room and asks, "Who the hell is that, anyway?" Rory says that it's Claudine Longet. Lorelai gasps and says, "The chick who shot the skier?" "Um, sure. Why not?" Rory says. Lorelai marvels at Claudine Longet for being a "Renaissance woman," and leaves the room. For more Claudine Longet information, see here. Rory asks Lane if she wants her to set her up with Todd. Lane says she was also thinking that Rory and CuteDean could come along on a double date. Rory doesn't look very excited about it, so Lane tells her to forget it. I'm trying to think if I've ever gone on a double date in my life. I don't think I have. One time a boy asked me to double date, but it was because he didn't have a car, so he was going to have his older brother drop us off at the Taco Bell, then pick us back up and drop us off at the dollar cinema so we could catch Jacob's Ladder. I declined that double-date action, and was never asked on one again. Lane tries to change the subject by talking about her Granddaddy CD that she just bought, but Rory says that she doesn't really know Todd. "I do," Lane says. "You've met him twice," Rory reminds her. Lane says that the third time is a charm. Rory asks how Lane knows this Todd guy is so special. Lane says that they are soulmates. Rory says that the last time Lane had a soulmate, she ended up running her fingers through his hair and then hiding in Rory's bedroom all night long. Lane says that Rich was a mistake, and that this is different. "First of all, his name is Todd. Different name. Different guy." Lorelai runs in, turns off the music, and asks how important this whole business-school thing is, anyway. She says it's not that important to run her own inn. She likes her job the way it is. She says she doesn't want to be one of those people who is never satisfied with anything. This launches into a long diatribe about the importance of arms and legs and how she at least has both of those things and therefore doesn't need a business degree because having her own inn won't change the fact that she has arms and legs. Lorelai sighs and says, "Wal-Mart is boring." "Study!" Rory orders. Lorelai makes a noise and leaves the room. Lane asks if Rory will do it. Rory says she will. Lane: "Really?" Rory: "Yes, Yoko." Lane hugs her. Lorelai walks back into the room, sits down between the two girls and asks what they're doing.

Independence Inn. Michel walks over to Lorelai. He Frenches around that he has a problem, but isn't sure if Lorelai is ready to hear it. Lorelai asks what the problem is. "We're overbooked," Michel tells her. "How are we overbooked?" Lorelai asks. "Well, there are more people here than there are rooms to put them in," Michel says. Lorelai moves the guests around and tells Michel to offer them dinner for their inconvenience. Now, I don't know much about inns, and maybe it's different because it's supposed to be in a remote location, but you overbook hotels all the time. In fact, you should have your hotel overbooked, because people cancel last-minute all the time.

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