Gilmore Girls
Double Date

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Two, Two, Two Dates in One!

Pan up from a copy of The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath to Rory sitting on a bench. How very sixteen. CuteDean spots her from across the street and starts walking towards her, cutely. Well, except for the polar fleece he's wearing. That's got to go. Even Old Navy has apologized for that one by now. "Is there anything in there about me?" CuteDean asks Rory about her book. "I don't know," Rory says. "Your name wouldn't be Lithium, would it?" Ha. CuteDean asks Rory why she's not in school. She had a half-day today for teacher conferences. She thought she'd come by and surprise him. He teases her that she knows how much he hates surprises. Rory says she knows and that she's very sorry. He kisses her. "That's for surprising me," he says. "I have learned my lesson," Rory retorts. More kissing. Rory breaks away and says she needs to talk to him about something. He says he needs to talk to her too, and starts kissing her again. She pulls away and says, "Okay, stop." CuteDean apologizes, and then starts leaning in again. "No, stay!" Rory points, and CuteDean hangs back. She says she really needs to talk to him about something, so CuteDean packs up his dimples and sits back. She asks him what he thinks about Todd. CuteDean says that since Todd is his friend, he obviously has a good opinion of him. CuteDean asks if he can kiss her now, but Rory says she's not done yet. Rory tells CuteDean that Lane really likes Todd and she thinks the two of them would really hit it off. "You don't even know Todd," CuteDean points out. Rory says she knows that but since CuteDean knows him and likes him, then it should be fine. CuteDean says he'd really like to kiss her now. Rory says she'd like to kiss him, too. CuteDean moves in for the kill, but Rory backs up and says that they should set Lane and Todd up. Rory says they could all go out to a movie together on Sunday. CuteDean leans back and shakes his head. He starts to say something, but Rory interrupts to say it would all be very casual. CuteDean says he's just not sure that he sees them together. "You don't think that Todd would like Lane?" Rory asks. "I'm not sure," CuteDean responds. Rory gives a huff and says, "Lane is great!" CuteDean says he knows that. "She's my best friend," Rory adds. CuteDean agrees. "Todd should be so lucky to get a girl like her." As Rory looks away we get a distant shot of Rory and CuteDean on this bench. My Lord, that CuteDean is tall. He's practically folded in half on the bench to talk to her at her level. Rory asks if CuteDean thinks that Lane isn't good enough or pretty enough for Todd, and CuteDean says he didn't say anything of the sort. He says he just doesn't know what kind of girl Todd likes. He says that still, if Rory wants to do this, then he'll talk to Todd. He says he'll mention Sunday to him. Dimples are unpacked. Rory thanks him cutely, and they go back to kissing. Commercial. Rory might have been manipulative in this scene, but she still did it cutely.

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