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It's now Friday night and Emily answers the door with a "hello, hello, hello!" Lorelai tells Rory to check the rubbing alcohol. Emily is incredibly cheery and says she has a surprise for Rory. She pulls her into the house. Lorelai shuts the door, acknowledges her unimportance at this event, and says she'll follow them.

Emily opens a door and turns on the light in the room. "Oh, my" is Rory's response. A bedroom (I wonder if it's Lorelai's old room?) has been turned into a princess parlor. There are sunflowers everywhere, a huge bed with lots of pillows, blue things, and giant stuffed animals. The best part: the gold framed posters of 'NSYNC. Hysterical. My mother wanted to frame some of my posters. I thought she was insane. Emily says that since Rory's been spending so much time over lately, she thought she should have her own special place. Rory says it's beautiful. Lorelai points out the 'NSYNC poster. Rory thanks her. Emily tells her it's time to go check on dinner. Rory leaves. Emily asks Lorelai if she's coming. "You bought her CosmoGirl," notes Lorelai. Emily says that "the young girls" like the articles. Lorelai says that Emily bought boy-band posters and Hello Kitty notepads. Emily says that a young girl at the store helped her to pick them out. Emily asks Lorelai what her problem is. Lorelai says it's just a little weird. I don't actually think that it is, but Lorelai gets upset when Emily does nice things for Rory. Rory does go over there all the time and sleeps over occasionally, so it makes sense that Emily would need a project and would want to give Rory a little place in the house. Emily asks why it would be weird for her to do something for her granddaughter. Lorelai says that she doesn't know: "I mean, it's not like you bought her a car. (By the way, don't.) It's, uh, a room know, you're right. It's nice. I'm sorry. I'm just being silly." Emily says that maybe Lorelai has a problem with the fact that it isn't inside Lorelai's house, and now Rory has another place she can go. Lorelai says that she was fine with it. Emily needles, "Or, maybe it's because it's so large and spacious and has four solid walls around the bathtub." Lorelai: "Excuse me?" Emily: "I mean, it may not be exciting or Bohemian, but at least it doesn't have shovels propped up against the sofa, now, does it?" Lorelai says she missed the checkered flag, and she didn't know the fight started. Emily asks if it's because it's not a shack in the woods or because it's close to Emily that Lorelai has a problem: "You hated us that much? You had to take that little girl away, that was bad enough. But to that? To live there in a shed like a hobo?" Lorelai asks who uses the word "hobo" anymore. Emily's not done: "I saw it! I saw that horrible little pit you so proudly ran to. I saw what you chose over your own family. You would have lived in the gutter, in the street, in a cardboard box -- anywhere as long as you didn't have to be near us. Isn't that true?" Lorelai calmly says that she was very young and unhappy and that she needed to be someplace that wasn't Emily's house. Emily leaves before she starts to cry. Lorelai takes a moment and then leaves.

At night, walking through the street, Rory says that Lorelai has been silent all night long. Lorelai jokes around with some lies about the proper positioning of hands on a steering wheel until Rory prods her. Lorelai says it'd be great if she could just get Emily to really listen to her just once. Rory says that she shouldn't have taken Emily to the shed; she thought that if Emily could see it, she'd feel included. Lorelai says that there's nothing Rory can do to make Lorelai's running away an easier subject between Emily and Lorelai. Rory asks whether Lorelai thinks she and Emily will ever be able to talk about all of those painful things they've gone through. Lorelai says they can't, and that it'd be like the first fifteen minutes of Saving Private Ryan. Rory says Lorelai hasn't even tried. Lorelai says she's tried her entire life, but that she and Emily speak two different languages. She says she speaks calmly and thinks she's making sense, but all Emily hears is "blah, blah, blah, Ginger." See? Right there is why I love this show. That Far Side cartoon is easily fifteen years old. Maybe more. And it's not like it's the most famous Far Side cartoon. I wasn't even sure at first if I really heard that or if I was making it up. "Blah, blah, blah, Ginger." It's brilliant. The use of tiny pop culture phrases in this show and not dumbing them down for us -- I love it so. Okay, for those of you that are wee: The Far Side was a comic strip written by Gary Larson. He doesn't write it anymore, so we're mad at him. This quote comes from a strip where it shows a man talking to his dog ("That's very bad, Ginger. You can't eat these shoes,") or whatever, and the next panel shows what the dog hears ("Blah, blah, blah, Ginger. Blah, blah, blah.") Rory asks how anything will ever change if Lorelai and Emily can't talk. Lorelai whispers that she doesn't know.

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