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Rune And Rachel: The Bad Seeds of Stars Hollow

Lorelai and Rory enter Luke's. It's kind of dead and people are leaving, so Lorelai asks if the place is closed. Luke says it wouldn't change the outcome even if it was closed, so they sit down for coffee. I wonder if Rachel is going to start imposing on Luke's place, like making him close it early on Friday nights so they can be together upstairs or something. Or opening late on Sundays for church or whatever. Rachel asks whether they want pie. They do. Rachel thanks Lorelai for talking to Luke. Lorelai says it wasn't a big deal. Rachel says it was: Luke emptied a drawer for her and gave her a set of keys. Lorelai is happy for her. Rachel says it's all because of Lorelai. Lorelai says it's really all because of Rachel. Rachel says she won't screw it up this time. Lorelai asks whether Rachel is going to be in Stars Hollow for a while. Rachel says she'll be here for "quite a while." "That's great," Lorelai lies. Rachel says she'll put hot fudge on Lorelai's pie if she can talk Luke into giving her part of the closet. Y'all, that's gross.

Rory comes back with coffee. They sip. The coffee mugs are empty, so when Rory asks if the coffee tastes different, I have to giggle. Lorelai says the coffee does taste different. She pouts and watches Luke flirt with Rachel.

Dragonfly. Rory and Lorelai sit on blankets and look at the building. They talk about how nice the place is. Sookie walks out of the building and says there's no kitchen space. She's freaking out. She says there can't be a bed and breakfast if there's no place to make breakfast. She says they'll have to charge half-price. Sookie keeps going on about all of the things they'll have to build and renovate if they're going to make the place work. She says she'll make floor plans. She wanders off to check the plumbing. Rory says that this is going to be a big job. Lorelai jokes that she'll get Rune to help run the place. Rory asks how that's going. Lorelai says he put a tip jar on the reservation desk and Michel tried to beat him up with the reservation book. Rune got away because Michel can't run in new shoes. Rory asks how long it'll be before Lorelai owns the building. Lorelai says it'll be a very long time. Rory asks whether she thinks the building will still be here when she's ready. On cue, the front door falls off the building. Lorelai says she thinks she's got a shot. Fade to black.

Next time Rory runs away to her new home at Emily's. Man, if I found out my mom was seeing Mustang Max again, I'd run as fast as I could as well.

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