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Poor Rory

We open at Luke's. It's pretty crowded. Taylor has cornered Lorelai at her table. He's having his entire family stay at the Inn, which he's reserving under his credit card, but it's very important that they each check out using their own individual cards. He asks if they've gone over the room arrangements yet. "Closing in on a hundred and fifty times," Lorelai answers. Taylor explains that the Doose clan is very particular about their accommodations. They are light sleepers prone to night terrors, and some of them have allergies to sleep-related products.

Lorelai excuses herself. She makes a beeline to the counter, where Rory and Jess are having some heavy hand-holding while Jess talks. Lorelai scolds Rory for taking too long getting coffee, leaving her vulnerable to the Taylor attack. Lorelai tells Rory she has to pretend she's sick when she gets back to the table -- so sick that she's unable to feed herself and they have to leave immediately. Rory says goodbye to Jess. Lorelai tells Rory to limp back to the table. Rory asks what malady would cause her to be violently ill with a limp. "It's French," Lorelai answers. Rory fails to limp back to the table. Lorelai tells Taylor that Rory isn't feeling very well. Taylor's instantly sympathetic, cooing, "What's the matter?" "It's French," Rory whines. Taylor looks as uncomfortable as if Rory answered, "It's my vagina." He gathers his things and says they're done. He gives Lorelai and Rory each an exposition button. Rory reads it aloud: "Stars Hollow Hockey, 2003 semi-finalists. Go Minutemen. The future is yours. Bring this button to Doose's for 50% off your next purchase of Stove Top Stuffing." Rory marvels at how many words Taylor fit on a button. Taylor says he expects to see both of them wearing their buttons at tomorrow night's game. Lorelai says they'll try to make it. Taylor can't believe they're only going to try, since it's been forty-three years since the team has been in the regional semi-finals. Rory notes that they only made it this year because one team forfeited due to food poisoning. Taylor admits it's "not exactly the plot of Hoosiers," but that it's still pretty exciting, nonetheless. Hee. Taylor says that his family has been the backbone of Stars Hollow High Hockey for years. I guess that's why we've been hearing about this since Season One, right? Taylor says he was goalie in the last regional finals. Does that place Taylor at about sixty years old? Taylor says he was responsible for the game-winning goal. Luke walks up at this point and asks if the puck went in because it bounced off Taylor's head. "Still counted," Taylor says. Did it bounce off his head and then fly across the rink into the other net? I don't get how a goalie could score a game-winning goal off his head. Luke can't believe that's what happened either, especially since he was just making a joke. Taylor quickly says that he, as well, was just making a joke. Taylor turns to make one more comment to Lorelai, but the door's bell is ringing because Lorelai and Rory have run away without paying for their food once again. Taylor clucks and scoffs, horrified that Lorelai would make her daughter run in her terrible French state. Luke points at the back of Taylor's head, commenting that you can still see the dent the puck made. Fade to opening credits.

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