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Sniffles, Part Two

Previously on Gilmore Girls: Rory decided to go to her formal dance at Chilton, even though she was nervous. She mustered up the strength to ask CuteDean, and luckily he agreed to go. Emily spent the night with Lorelai, since the latter had hurt her back. Rory and CuteDean had a wonderful time, but ended up falling asleep on the floor of Miss Patty's studio. Lorelai and Emily had a full-out fight over whether or not Rory was having sex with That Boy. Rory left CuteDean in the snow to come home and apologize, but ended up fighting with Lorelai over Emily's being angry.

We open with Townie humor, as we always do on Gilmore Girls. Miss Patty is holding rehearsal for the Christmas pageant. She separates her "Before Mary" (a very pregnant woman) and her "After Mary" (a taller, not pregnant woman) on opposite sides of the room. Miss Patty panics when she realizes she's only got half of her donkey. I'll leave you guys to finish that joke. It's too easy. Our "Recurring Townie," who has played everyone from DSL installers to restaurant patrons, is now standing on a box in the middle of the room, wearing a shepherd's gown. One quick check of the IMDb tells us that this Townie's name is Kirk, and that his real name is Sean Gunn. There. Now I can sleep. Lorelai is working on the hem of his sleeve, and he's complaining that she's pricking him with a needle. They argue. A few feet away, Rory watches. She stops Cardigan Man and asks him about the Baby Jesus she found in the prop trunk: he's missing an arm. Cardigan Man grabs the Baby Jesus from Rory's hands and looks to make sure that he's really missing an arm. He is. He shouts to all of the cast and crew that Jesus's arm is missing. Rory suggests that it might be time to get a new Baby Jesus -- one that's actually a boy. Cardigan Man says that this Baby Jesus has been the Baby Jesus since 1965, and that since Rory wasn't even alive when this Baby Jesus was employed, perhaps she should keep her ideas to herself. He tells her to find the arm. Rory looks over at Lorelai, who is still sewing. Lorelai and Recurring Townie begin to argue again until Lorelai sticks a pin in his giant sleeve and says he's done. Rory looks through the prop box and says she can't find the arm. Cardigan Man tells her to look in the prop box again. Miss Patty runs up and tells Cardigan Man that he's needed immediately: "Our Before Mary is about to become an After." She tells him to find someone in Stars Hollow who's "knocked up." Lorelai and Rory stare at each other for a few moments before looking away uncomfortably.

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