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At the Yale paper, Rory's tenure as editor of the Daily News has come to an end. Unthinkably, the staff has voted the sweater-vested, Fitzgeraldian Bill to be the next editor, and everyone has gathered to toast Rory for her fine work over the past year. As tokens of their esteem, they present her with a lovely framed print of the front page of the last edition of the paper she edited. Very sweet. They also give her a huge novelty pencil, to commemorate the many articles that she so carefully ripped to shreds. "Now I think I have to go out and buy a freakishly large pencil sharpener," Rory jokes. Joanie stands up to announce that although she originally joined the paper staff only to meet cute boys (which must have been a huge disappointment), after watching Rory work as editor, she has been inspired to become a journalist. Rory is touched, but the levity is short-lived when Paris steps up to remind everyone that Rory was the only one among them with the integrity to do what was right during Paris's editorial meltdown. "These are all such great stories," Rory says, as they all cringe, and give her a final farewell toast of champagne. She tells them that she's really enjoyed being editor, but it's clear that she's sad to see her reign end. "Well," Paris says as the rest of the staff goes off to have drinks with Bill, "now we're both ousted leaders. Welcome to Club Nixon." Beautiful.

Not so beautiful? Things back at Lane and Zach's house have gotten...complicated. They're having twins. They stare at the two-baby ultrasound in a panic. "Yeah," Zach says, trying to calm his wife, "it's heavy, but we can handle it." Wow. No you can't. Lane is freaking that there will now be twice as many mouths to feed and twice as many diapers to buy. Zach continues to assure her that they can deal with all the hassles like, for instance, buying specially made clothes until "the surgery." It takes a minute for Lane to figure out what he's talking about -- he thinks they're having conjoined twins. When she explains to him that they're not, he's twice as relieved: "That's like, way easier!" Lane flips: "'Easier'? Than what, Siamese triplets? Yes, Zach, twins is way easier than Siamese triplets." Poor Lane. Zach mentions that now is a good time to tell Mrs. Kim about the pregnancy, since Lane is starting to show. "She is so going to think we had sex before the wedding," Lane says, "and she'll convince me we did. She gets in my head. It's like Korean voodoo!" Zach tries to convince Lane that everything will be okay. "You know what this is?" he asks, looking again at the ultrasound. "Their first album cover. Yeah, it's like a prenatal Nevermind." Aw.

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