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Isn't It Romantic?

Bonjour, Paris! Lorelai and Chris are in their fancy, fancy hotel room complaining about the rude bellhop and concierge. "I mean," Chris says, "it's not like we're being obnoxious and asking someone to take a picture of us in front of Jim Morrison's grave." Lorelai: "Which, by the way, I promised Rory we would do." Christopher says he hopes Gigi picks up the language and customs but none of the rudeness. Nice. May I suggest you never take Gigi to Friday Night Dinner? It contains more rudeness than all of France, combined. Chris thanks Lorelai, like she's the nanny, for being so great with Gigi on the flight and for being so nice to Sherri. They agree that Sherri has herself together and seems very prepared for Gigi to stay with her. Looking out the window, it hits Lorelai, who grins, "Oh my God, we're in Paris!" Chris: "You were thinking it was Phoenix?" She excitedly says that she really wasn't thinking about anything, being focused on getting Gigi all settled, and that it had slipped her mind that they'd be in the most beautiful city in the world! Chris: "The Phoenix of Europe!" Lorelai throws herself on the bed while Christopher calls the concierge to make a reservation at the most romantic restaurant in Paris, L'Arpege. While he's on the phone, Lorelai snuggles down in the comfortable bed, a victim of the unrelenting jetlag. Chris insists that she get up so that he can show her all around Paris. She asks if the Tour de France is still going on so that maybe they can go throw water on somebody as he rides by. Christopher says that, unfortunately, the Tour is long over, but that after they have their super-romantic meal, she can throw water on him. "Woohoo!" says Lorelai, sleepily, as I gag out loud and my husband grumbles in the corner about stupid Lorelai and stupid Paris and stupid Luke getting the shaft and stupid Christopher and what stupid time is it right now in Paris if their stupid reservation is at 8:30?

Meanwhile, Paris and Rory walk the halls at Yale (actually, I think they walk the same hall twice) talking about what's going to happen after graduation. Rory, it seems, has yet to make any plans. Paris asks what Rory's "taking" now that her editorship has ended. "'Taking'?" Rory asks, and Paris reveals that she's talking about anti-depressants. She tells Rory the difference between the types of drugs, suggesting that Rory may not need the ones that help panic attacks, since it doesn't look like she's yet at that point. Rory says that she has no plans of getting there. "Well, you will," Paris warns. "I know when I was finished as editor, I went into a major tailspin. Couldn't you tell?" Rory: "Well, you masked it so well with your general gloomy disposition." Paris snarkily suggests thar Rory call her "Girls Gone Wild" friends to take her mind off her troubles: "They seem delightful in a get crazy-drunk in Cancun and flash your breasts kind of way." Rory assures Paris that her take on Lucy and Olivia is off-base. I'd have to agree; they do not seem like the Cancun types, but the sort who pretend to be crazy drunk in Soho and slap Lindsay Lohan. Rory and Paris part ways with a final word of advice from Paris about the debilitating sexual side effects of the Lexapro. "Of course," she adds, "with Logan gone, that's moot." Rory: "Always a pleasure, Paris." Yes, it is.

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