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Isn't It Romantic?

At MamaKim's, Zach and Lane (who looks so so so so cute) tentatively eat some Korean cuisine as they try to work up the nerve to tell Mrs. Kim about the babies. She notices their worried glances and says she's figured out the cause of their avoiding her lately: "You have no new music to show me, and you are ashamed." Zach goes into nervous explanation that in fact, he has been working on some new stuff with an electric mandolin. (I'd make fun of that, but we use one in my band, too.) Finally, Lane can't take it anymore and bursts out with the news: "Mama, I'm pregnant!" Mrs. Kim rises from the table looking stern as Lane fumbles with a doctor's note, screaming that they didn't have sex before the wedding, she swears. "Hit me! Hit me!" Zach yells, as Mrs. Kim comes closer, and you'd think she'd use this opportunity to take Zach up on it, but she doesn't. More's the pity. Instead, MamaKim takes Lane's face in her hands and says to everyone's surprise that a new child is a great blessing. In Korean, she congratulates them both, and Zach happily tells her that she should say it twice, since they're having twins. For a moment, MamaKim looks twice as happy, but she recovers her usual stern demeanor in time to announce that, on Monday, Lane and Zach will move in with her. The room is silent as Lane struggles for the right words to refuse, but before she can say a word, Zach pulls the ultimate husband blunder and simply answers, "Cool." I smack my head so loud it can be heard next door -- no truer representation of the perils of marriage has ever been shown! The child-parent-spouse relationship is fraught with such moments. In my house, they usually involve my husband and my mom ganging up on me in a round of "Why Al Doesn't Know Best About Anything," high-fiving each other over my head when I finally give up. "I must go email this good news to our relatives," MamaKim says happily. "They just got WiFi."

A signature sound of Paris nightlife -- an ambulance siren -- wakes Lorelai and Christopher up from a long winter's nap. Oops. The dozed off at 7 and woke up, long after their reservation at L'arpege, at 4 in the morning. They are both famished, but Christopher decides to save the day by ordering room service. "I would like a cheeseburger, with a side of cheeseburger," Lorelai says, evilly. "And see if they can make me a cheeseburger smoothie." Chris: "Well, if they can make goose innards into a tasty spread, I'm sure they can make a cheeseburger smoothie." Thing is, can't get room service at 4 AM. "No room service and no minibar?" Lorelai says, desperately. "And two toilets? Where are their priorities?" Chris tries to calm her down, suggesting that they get a few more hours sleep until breakfast. "Okay..." Lorelai grumbles. "Crummy Europe with their crummy time change. We switched to the metric system; why can't they switch to our time zone?" Climbing back in bed with her, Christopher points out that, um, we didn't actually switch to the metric system. "I know!" she yells; turning off the light, they try to fall back to sleep...

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