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Isn't It Romantic?

Lane has come to Mrs. Kim's antique shop to lay down the law. She is meeting with her usual difficulties, of course, as MamaKim talks over her, rushing around the shop, saying that although her room's not ready yet, it will contain two separate beds for Lane and Zach: "Better for Zach to have his own bed. Soon you will be huge. Who wants to sleep with that?" Nice. Lane is trying to get a word in edgewise, and finally Zach jumps in. He says that they appreciate the offer to move in with her, "We can do this, Mama," Lane says, not really believing it herself. "We're ready." For a moment, it looks like Korean voodoo time, but Mrs. Kim merely nods, saying that she respects their decision. Lane: "Cool."

Over at Rory's, the girls have taken the foils out of their hair and are admiring their streaks. Lucy's are green, Olivia's purple, and Rory's pink. I sort of love Rory's hair, and if I wasn't so flipping elderly, I might do it myself. The other girls quirk away that, now that they have this awesome hair, they'll have to start a girl band. They'll pretend to be a Norwegian girl band called the Forbidden Fjords and purposely lip-synch slightly "off." Cute. Except, wait, Rory's not laughing -- especially when they mention that she can write stories about them for the paper. They finally notice that Rory's crying. "Everything's just ending!" she says. She's done at the paper, soon she'll be done at Yale, and now she feels like she's standing at the edge of a huge, foggy abyss. Poor, poor Rory. I'd tell her to shut up, but I just remember that meltdown too well. As a matter of fact, I'm STILL HAVING IT, eleven years later. Rory says that she hates not knowing what's going to happen with her future and her career and with Logan. Lucy and Olivia sweetly tell her that they understand, and feel the same way. "I'm an art major," Olivia says by way of explanation, making me laugh. Rory wonders if she should be applying to grad school or law school. "Dude," Lucy says, "you don't want to go to law school." Rory: "I SO don't want to go to law school."

The sun is coming up outside the restaurant in Paris, but Lorelai is still moony over Christopher. Good one, Al Lowe. Tearily, Lorelai says that she's just so happy; she never wants any of this Paris stuff to end. "Well, it doesn't have to end," Christopher says. "When we get back to Stars Hollow, we can sleep all day and wander the town in the middle of the night and that stuff we did back at the hotel room? We can definitely do that stuff back in Stars Hollow." Once again, they emotionally declare their love for each other. "Lor," says Christopher, "remember when I told you that I would wait until we were both eighty for you to figure out 'us'?" He says he doesn't want to wait. "Chris..." says Lorelai, understanding what he means, and worrying that it's too soon: "We've only been dating a few months." Chris: "Try twenty-five years." Yes, well, twenty-five years during which you both were engaged and/or married to other people three separate times. But, you know, forget all that. Christopher wants to get married right there in Paris. Right now. "Not here," says Lorelai. Chris: "Why not?" Lorelai: "Well...Rory." Christopher insists that Rory will be thrilled. Lorelai says again that she loves him, but that she thinks they should wait. Christopher doesn't want to. Overwhelmed, Lorelai stares into his eyes as he asks her to marry him.

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