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Isn't It Romantic?

Zach and Lane come home, arguing about the merits of naming the babies Marco and Polo, to find Mrs. Kim babyproofing their apartment. Zach wonders how she got in. "Who couldn't get it?" MamaKim asks, incredulous. "Hiding a key under the mat is like hosting a burglar's open house!" Along with cleaning up the baby death trap of their apartment, MamaKim has gone grocery shopping and, she says, will cook dinner for them as soon as she "unpacks." They turn, slowly, as if in a horror movie, to see Mrs. Kim's suitcases stacked on Brian's bed. She has decided that they were right, and that they should live and raise their family in their own house: "So, I will move in with you. Cool?" Lane finally overcomes her speechlessness to ask what MamaKim has done with Brian. "Brian," MamaKim says, "is fine." And, indeed, he is, for we cut away to see him with the Korean relatives, happily enjoying a traditional dinner.

Rory and the Fjords are back at Yale, where they run into Boyfriend in Lucy and Olivia's room. Rory, incidentally, is wearing a shirt that makes her look like she's about to do a scene from The Wizard of Oz. Guess what? Boyfriend is Rory's old friend and dumpee, Marty. He pretends not to know her and shakes her hand as if they've just met. When the girls run into their (huge) bedrooms to pull out dresses for their future Fjords concerts, Rory asks Marty why he didn't tell Lucy they're old friends. "Oh," he says, "I just thought it would be weird. What's the difference?" Rory's feelings are obviously hurt; she can't understand why Marty would behave this way. While the girls talk about the cuteness of Stars Hollow, Rory stands there, uncomfortable.

Christopher and Lorelai have arrived back at the Crap Shack, all sad that they're not in Paris anymore. Chris gives her a kiss, saying that he's going to bring in the rest of their stuff. "Welcome home, Mrs. Hayden," he says. So, they're married. Somehow. Even though it's apparently legally impossible for them to have done so, but...details, right? (Hey, maybe that's the twist! A girl can dream.) Lorelai looks at her ring and sighs with happiness, but when Christopher walks away, it's impossible not to notice her mixed emotions.

Next week? It all hits the fan.

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