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Friday Night's Alright For Fighting

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Friday Night's Alright For Fighting
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It's a very early morning in Lorelai's house. She is sneaking out of the bedroom when Luke wakes up and wonders what she's doing. She apologizes for waking him, saying she even went so far to brush her teeth in the shower so that he wouldn't hear the sink: "Then it occurred to me that you could probably hear the shower running, so that defeated the purpose of the whole shower/toothbrush combo." It's too early for Luke to enjoy this banter. He asks why Lorelai's up so early. "Oh," she says, "you know me." He answers that yes, he does, and that's why he wants to know why she's up so early. She says she has early morning chores, you know, like milking cows, feeding chickens, and slopping pigs: "They're certainly not going to slop themselves." Luke's all surly now, saying that Lorelai's being evasive. She tries to say that she's just trying to be mysterious, so that he'll still find her interesting a hundred years from now. Frankly, I think there's quite enough mystery in this relationship right now, huh? Mysterious secret daughters all over the place, wedding plans mysteriously coming together -- it's a regular Agatha Christie novel in Stars Hollow these days. Finally, Lorelai gives in and tells Luke that she had made plans to meet Sookie at the flower mart, and had forgotten to call her to cancel. Luke cringes, apologizing for...I don't know, he doesn't really clearly apologize for anything. I know we're supposed to believe Luke's "sorry" for causing Lorelai to put the brakes on the wedding, but if that's the case, it isn't really coming across. Especially when he offers to help her cancel all the wedding plans.

Sometimes Luke is written too stupid, and I hate it. The interaction between them in this scene is so awkward and gross. WHY does Lorelai not punch him in the neck? Where is the neck punching? The nuts kicking? Where? Whatever, she loves him, I get that. But this whole sensitive-macho-man thing where he has to "take time" to figure out "where he is" in his "life" because he's "overwhelmed" is just so...offensive. I loathe it. And I loathe the way Lorelai is acting like she's this little girl and someone just walked in and stole her candy. If they're so in love that they want to marry each other, can't Luke just say to April, who swooped in out of nowhere, "This is my fiancée. We're getting married this summer. You'll be invited." I mean, the kid allegedly doesn't even really care that she has a dad, right? Haven't they beat us down with that? So, what's with all the gnashing about how Luke needs to try to figure out how to be a father and figuring that out is going to be such a process that he has to postpone his wedding to the woman whose bed he is still going to sleep in every night? Why is it that television loves to make us think that every bump in the road requires months on end of nebulous, undefined "time to work things out"? I know life is hard and that time heals all wounds and all that, but if Luke's going to take all this time, he needs to lay out a damn plan or something. If I were Lorelai, his mouth would be so full of curb, he'd be picking gravel out of his teeth for weeks until he could figure out how to get his ass in hand and come crawling back.

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