Gilmore Girls
Friday Night's Alright For Fighting

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Friday Night's Alright For Fighting

Fight 1
Setting: At the dinner table
Instigator: Rory
Rory says that things were "out of control" between her and her grandparents. Emily shrews that that was not the point, and lists the many things they did for her when she was going through her post-boat-stealing phase. Rory says that she didn't ask for any of those things, and Emily points out that she never stopped them from doing any of them. Richard throws in that Rory then moved out of the house without telling them. Emily lowers the boom: "I never realized how spoiled you were, Rory. But I guess that's to be expected. Only children are always spoiled." Rory bitches that she's sorry she didn't leave a note, and that there's nothing she can do to make them believe she's sorry. Lorelai jumps in to say that Rory was going through something terrible and was emotional -- which, she adds, Emily should understand, since she let her own emotions overtake her to the point where she almost bought a plane when Rory moved out. The maid comes in with the salad, and ding, round one is over.
Winner: Emily

Fight 2
Setting: During the main course
Instigator: Lorelai
Lorelai is furious that her parents betrayed her when she asked for help after Rory got slammed by the Huntzbergers, setting her off on a life of crime that ended with her dropping out of school. Emily says that if they'd known the extent of the issue, they would have been able to help. "I tried to tell you," Lorelai screams. "I came here and I told you exactly what happened with Mitchum and you didn't want to hear it." Richard says he doesn't remember that, which we all know is a complete lie, since he admitted as much to Emily during the DAR party. Lorelai cannot BELIEVE that her parents are denying that they knew about all this, now.
Winner: Undetermined

Fight 2b
Setting: Continued after dinner removed
Instigator: Still Lorelai
Lorelai reenacts this entire scene, even more brilliantly than she did it the first time, dramatically closing with her final lines: "Thank you so much! Thank you! And...SCENE."
Winner: Definitely Lorelai

Make-up 1
Setting: Dessert
They all agree that the sorbet is delicious.

Fight 3
Setting: Post-dinner coffee
Instigator: Richard, backstage with Emily

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