Gilmore Girls
Friday Night's Alright For Fighting

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Friday Night's Alright For Fighting

Rory and Lorelai silently enjoy their coffee while Richard and Emily battle it out off-camera about Emily almost buying a plane. "I didn't buy it," she shrieks. "I LOOKED at it!"
Winner: Undetermined

Make-up 2
Setting: After-dinner drinks in the parlor
Everyone hoots it up as Emily tells the story of how she headsnapped Mrs. Huntzberger at the DAR party. Richard almost chokes when Emily repeats the part about Shira being a two-bit golddigger, and makes her recap the ruthless weight insult. They're all drunk and laughing their asses off. "I only wish I'd remembered to call her a cocktail waitress," Emily says, and Lorelai nearly screams. "That's my mother's version of the C-word!"

Fight 4
Setting: More coffee, in some hallway
Instigator: Rory
Rory tells her grandmother that she refuses to quit the DAR. "I know the rules backwards and forwards," she says. "Plus I'm in contact with more members than you are." Emily says that is not true, but Rory insists that she talks to Tweenie Halpern all the time, and that she is helping Tweenie's daughter look at colleges. Emily is alarmed, but Rory says she's not quitting. "Oh, yes you are," Emily announces, shrilly, and they stomp back out, leaving Lorelai and Richard on the couch. "So, how's Luke?" Richard asks, casually. Lorelai: "He has a kid."
Winner: Rory

Fight 5
Setting: Later that evening
Instigator: Emily
Emily and Lorelai resurrect the old family fight jewel off-camera while Richard and Rory, exhausted, wait it out: "We were sixteen!" Lorelai yells. "We didn't want to get married!" Emily says that when a girl gets pregnant, she gets married, that a child needs a mother and a father. Lorelai: "OH. MY GOD."
Winner: Lorelai

Finally, the night is over. Bloody, but unbowed, Lorelai and Rory stagger out the front door. "Well," Lorelai says, looking like she just went nine rounds with a tiger, "I think we've officially reinstated Friday Night Dinner."

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