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Friday Night's Alright For Fighting

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Friday Night's Alright For Fighting

Anyway, Luke and Lorelai get all awkward, and when he gets up to kiss her goodbye, he knocks into her nose with his head. "It's fine," Lorelai says, practically running out of the room. "Hurts so good, as Mr. Mellencamp said." Luke sighs all dramatically, and Lorelai leaves.

Lorelai finds Sookie at the flower market, scoping out the deals. Sookie gets right to it, explaining that they will be avoiding one vendor, who is anti-haggle. She likes Miguel, who is "very haggle-friendly," though his roses, she says, suck. She pulls Lorelai over to show her some bluebells, which she thinks would make a nice bouquet. Sookie, by the way, is wearing a houndstooth hat, a look made famous by Coach Paul Bryant, a man who, in my family, ranks only slightly below the Holy Ghost in spiritual significance. Lorelai finally is able to interrupt Sookie, and flatly tells her that the wedding has been postponed. "What did you do?" Sookie asks immediately. "Did you get cold feet? You can't get cold feet. We need to put some nice, wool socks on those feet, because Luke is perfect for you." Lorelai says she knows, but Sookie goes on. Luke waited for her to get over Christopher; he waited for her to get over Max. Lorelai is nodding throughout and trying to cut in, again, but Sookie goes on. "Why do you do this?" she asks. "Why do you want to make yourself miserable?"

I know Lorelai surely would like to dump a flower bucket over her friend's head, here, but instead, she tells her Luke has a kid. Sookie can hardly believe it: "A a goat?" Hee. No, Lorelai says, an actual kid, named April. A horrible thought occurs to Sookie: "I wonder if Jackson has a love child?" She says she saw a kid around town the other day who looked and sounded exactly like Jackson. Lorelai rolls her eyes, saying she doesn't think Jackson has any secret kids out there. "You think Jackson was a monk when I met him?" she asks. "He had seed and he passed it around." Ew. Lorelai is pained by this point, and Sookie apologizes. Lorelai explains that Luke is overwhelmed and asked to postpone the wedding. "That sucks," Sookie says, and she's absolutely right. Lorelai says she knew everything had been too perfect, like the church and the invitations and all that, and that now Lorelai has to call all of them and cancel. Sookie says no, believing Luke will figure everything out and that all of these plans will go back to normal. Lorelai says yeah, maybe, and then talks herself out of canceling everything right away. Maybe, she says, Luke will wake up tomorrow and feel okay about all of this. Sookie supports this idea, and I would too if she had come up with it while talking to Luke just five seconds ago. Instead, he's coming off like an ass, and Lorelai's coming off like a manipulative liar. Why take these characters, who we all liked so much, and make them suck?

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