Gilmore Girls
Friday Night's Alright For Fighting

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Friday Night's Alright For Fighting

At Yale, Rory walks through a courtyard, reading something from her notebook. Before she crashes into a trash can, Logan calls out to her to look out. She smiles at him, thanking goodness that she has a guardian angel hanging out by the coffee kiosk. "It's the only place that safe to stand with a maniac like you running around," says Logan, and adds that it's also the place where he'll be guaranteed to run into Rory at least three times a day. She notes that he's been hanging out there all week, and while he admits that's sad, he says it'll be worth it if it helps him win her back. This whole exchange is all wink-wink and smiley, and you know, the world must be coming to an end, or something, because it almost makes me like Logan. Rory tells Logan he's too slick for his own good, but he disagrees: "Excuse me, but this is not slick. This is a Nora Ephron movie. Louis Armstrong should be warbling as we talk." Yes, clearly lions are about to start lying down with lambs, because with that line, I now like Logan better than I like Luke. I hope you have a good supply of duct tape on hand, because you'll need it when the hellmouth opens. Logan reminds Rory that she promised to let him take her to dinner, and she way too easily suggests that they go out Thursday night. "And do not think of backing out," he says, "because then I will cry and eat a pint of Rocky Road while watching An Affair To Remember with Rita Wilson."

Lorelai arrives home to find that Paul Anka has once again rearranged her bookshelves. "You know," she says, "some dogs dig. That might be a nice change of pace." She plays her answering machine messages while she cleans up and, after a goofy message from Babette, suddenly hears her father's voice. He's concerned that Rory's tuition check came back to him in the mail. He thinks it's a clerical mixup, and says he will take care of it. Lorelai makes a worried face...

...and immediately calls Rory. "He thinks it's a clerical error," Lorelai says. Rory: "Huh." Lorelai: "They're gonna find out, kid." Rory: "Yeah." Lorelai asks if Rory's getting charged by the word on her calling plan, but Rory says no; she just has nothing to say. Lorelai says that when her parents find out that Christopher is paying for Yale, they aren't going to like it: "It's going to go over badly. It's going to be the opening night of Taboo all over again." Rory says that The Grandparents had to find out sometime. "Yes," Lorelai says, "but shouldn't they find out from you, and not some office clerk at Yale?" Rory shrugs it off sarcastically saying that, gee, it would suck if she and her grandparents were no longer speaking. "Wow," Lorelai reacts. "Ice, ice baby." Rory says she doesn't mean to be cold, but that she doesn't think she should have to feel guilty because Christopher is paying for Yale. Lorelai agrees, but says that her parents do have feelings: "You saw my mom when the gardener butchered her box hedges." Rory takes the coward's way out, saying she'll send them an email. Lorelai encourages her to call, instead, but Rory doesn't have time to think about it -- she's just opened the Yale paper to find a huge blank box where a picture should be, with a large-type note in it reading "PHOTO TO COME: Paris to Approve!!!"

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