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Friday Night's Alright For Fighting

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Friday Night's Alright For Fighting

Speaking of Paris, she's at the paper, crazily harassing and yelling at her reporters when Rory comes in. Paris is losing it. Rory asks what happened with the blank photo space in the paper. Paris says that the paper's photography has sucked lately, so she sent out two photographers to cover the same story: "They each came back with about forty of the crappiest pictures ever committed to film. Completely unusable." Rory says that it was supposed to be a picture of a football game: "Was there a picture of a guy in a helmet holding a football? Because that's really all we need. Guy in helmet holding ball." Paris says the photos were all substandard and predictable: "I wanted something more. Something that said something about the game." Rory: "Like 'we forgot to go'?" Paris continues her insanity -- she says that when the photographers found out that she double-booked the game, "they threw Naomi Campbell-level hissyfits, and quit." She says it was then up to the sports editor to inform her that no picture had been approved. Rory takes a hard line, though, saying that they cannot be publishing papers that have blank spots, nor can they have all the photographers quit. Paris is too nutso to hear any of this, though. She drops a big stack of stories on Bill's desk, telling him they all have to be rewritten. He says they are locked stories, and that getting all the writers in for rewrites would take hours of time they definitely do not have, seeing as the paper comes out tomorrow. Paris demands that it be done, however, and goes stomping off to her "office," which she has now completely surrounded in cardboard. Bill tells Rory that all the writers have been calling in sick, and that he expects there'll be a lot more of the same: "[Paris] is out of control. She's a mad dictator. She's the kind of dictator they don't just like to kill. She's the kind they like to drag through the streets and then hang from a lamppost for a month and a half." Rory looks worried.

Even though she just told Rory to do it, Lorelai takes matters into her own hands and calls her father. Emily picks up a second line and both senior Gilmores react with their usual detached rudeness when hearing their daughter's voice. She finally gets it out that the return of the Yale check was not a mistake. She tries to put a happy spin on the fact that Christopher is paying for Rory's tuition, but...well, The Grandparents are not happy. Lorelai explains about Chris's grandfather leaving him the money, but Emily slams down the phone, and Richard takes the news like a slap in the face. Lorelai goes overboard thanking him for everything he's ever done for Rory, sincerely saying that their taking the tuition from Christopher isn't at all a snub, and that both she and Rory are exceedingly grateful to The Grandparents: "If it weren't for you, she would never have gone to Chilton. She would have graduated Stars Hollow High and gone college, school!" Richard, deflated, says he appreciates Lorelai's call, but wishes it had come before he called every person in the Yale bursar's office a moron. "If it will make you feel any better," Lorelai says, "odds are, at least two of them deserved it."

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