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Friday Night's Alright For Fighting

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Friday Night's Alright For Fighting

Later, Lorelai and Rory walk out of Rory's dining hall after having lunch together. Lorelai is wearing an extremely colorful Muppet-style scarf and hat, and is upset that Rory reneged on their plans to "dress crazy." Rory says she agreed to no such thing, and that Lorelai's suggesting that they dress crazy did not automatically mean Rory would do it. Lorelai says that, for years, her saying "hey, let's dress crazy," was all it took. "Well, for years," Rory says, "you bought all my clothes for me, so I had little choice in the matter." Good one, Rory. Lorelai jokes that this is typical: "Kid grows up, goes to a fancy school, becomes a snob, and is suddenly ashamed of her mother," she says. "You totally Mildred Pierced me." Rory rolls her eyes, and they get more coffee. She tells her mom, excitedly, that she is going to have dinner with Logan. Instead of pouring coffee over her head, Lorelai has the unmitigated gall to act excited. I consider it a personal betrayal! I know I was just saying up there how Logan was making me like him, but y'all, it was just for dramatic effect. I don't actually like him, good Lord, and nor should Lorelai. Has she forgotten the boat-stealing? The "Ace"-calling? The hair-frosting? Has she no memory of the Birkin-giving? The family-relating? The love-making? The awful-friend-having? Why must I must I be forced to scream out these important hyphenations to the TV, which heeds not my warnings? Lorelai waves her Muppet scarf, asking if Rory wants to borrow it for her date. "Save it for the wedding night," Rory tells her.

"I talked to your grandparents last night," Lorelai tells Rory. "Oh," Rory jokes. "So now they're my grandparents." Cute, but Lorelai goes on. She told them about Christopher paying for Yale, she says, and they did not take it well: "Here's how I see it. You and your grandparents are at a huge crossroads -- a precipice, if you will. They are The Bridges Of Madison County, and you are Meryl Streep." Rory rolls her eyes: " the paper pages go flying off the calendar!" Lorelai stops her. She knows Rory and the G-units are playing freeze-out with each other, but something has to give. Rory is clearly not interested in any of this, but Lorelai goes on: she says that she remembers the first year after she took Rory and left Hartford, and how she got an invitation to her parents' Christmas party. She should have gone, she says, despite how awful it would have been: maybe it would have kept her relationship with her parents from turning into what it did. "Maybe," Rory says. "Maybe not." Lorelai says she just wants to make sure that Rory does not ruin her relationship with her grandparents, who she loves. "Okay," Rory finally says, cutting her off. "I hear you." Lorelai looks at her. "Do you?" she asks. " scarf is screaming as loud as it can." Love it. Rory says she'll think about it, and Lorelai smiles, telling her she has until 6:45 Friday night to think about it, since that's when they'll have to show up in Hartford for dinner. Rory tries to protest. "Come on," Lorelai interrupts. "Friday night dinner! Cocktails. Mozart. Mind games. Good times!" Rory is not so sure, but Lorelai says that Emily had said that she's really into the idea, and Rory reluctantly agrees.

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